Bank account c++ classes tutorial pdf

Java Tutorial 10: Create a simple Bank Account. Demo on creating a simple bank account with multiple classes. Topics covered include working with multiple classes, creating objects and private
















I have attached a quick class model of what I am trying to achieve (Also, sorry for the mass of code but I figured I'd post everything I have thus far in case anyone saw other improvements I could make). I can give a customer an 'Account' but I want to give the customer a 'CurrentAccount' which is Practical C++ Programming Teacher's Guide Introduction This guide is designed to help with the classroom presentation of the material in Pracctical C++ Programming. It contains a set of teacher's notes for each chapter which give you information about the key concepts covered in the chapter as well some ideas for in-class demonstration. C++ Bank account - help!! Create 3 subclasses that inherit from the bank account class created in homework 3. They are Checking, Savings, and CD. so the only advice one can give is "find a tutorial on inheritance and follow it". Type in "c++ inheritance tutorial". There are lots of them. C++ Classes & Objects A class definition starts with the keyword class followed by the class name; and the class body, enclosed by a pair of curly braces. A class definition must be followed either by a semicolon or a list of declarations. For example we defined the Box data type using the keyword class as follows: class Box {public: This is for an intro to classes assignment in which I am to create a bank account with the ability to manipulate a balance by depositing or withdrawing money and to look up the balance of the account. I've looked over a dozen different examples and how-to's but now I'm at a loss. How do we design classes? • class identification from project spec / requirements - nouns are potential classes, objects, fields - verbs are potential methods or responsibilities of a class • CRC card exercises - write down classes' names on in

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