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7 May 2015 Basic Classes are standard Classes available to every character upon starting the game. Each Class has unique traits and abilities that differentiate them from 25 Sep 2018 What classes to use and how they work can be a little scary to figure out at first. I’ll also give you a build I would use if I wanted to focus on maining just that class. The actual skill tree I used is focused around playing all classes besides Techer and katana Braver. (PSO)(PSO2) Class in Phantasy Star Online 2 determines a character's level, stats, and skill. There are seven playable classes in Phantasy Star Online 2. 12 Dec 2018 pso2 class stats. phantasy star online 2 class treepso2 class guide. pso2 builds. pso2 classes. pso2 best class 2018. pso2 advanced classes.New Updated PSO2 Guide List Getting Started Registration Guide Login & Start Edit: This is still an incomplete guide and will likely see change in . Not sure if you know, be sure to double check the amount of class cubes. 27 Feb 2013 The focus of this guide is to offer general build advice rather than To start off, I'm going to assume people reading this are fairly new to PSO2. 10 Apr 2016


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