10 Tips to Troubleshoot the Outlook Problems

Outlook is yet become the most reliable email service in the entire mailing services. It provides lots of inbuilt and useful features to the users by which the users can easily perform their mailing activities in an appropriate manner. You can get the perfect setup of user friendly interface to communicate with your friends and family. If you have an issue while using this email account, then Hotmail contact number 08000988424 Support Service is available to get the proper solutions and instant measures to resolve the all issues.

Here are the given 10 tips to troubleshoot your Outlook:

  • 1. Scan the PST:
  • Those PST files will inevitably develop the errors. When they do, they can prevent the Outlook from properly working. Scan PST can take some time, it needs to backup your data file, scan for the errors, and repairs the all errors.
  • 2. Archive:
  • When the PST file will become so large it cause problems in the Outlook. Instead of letting the PST continue to get widely, it is much better to set up the archiving. This method ensures that they will be archiving the large amount of data to their local directory. This will also shrink the PST and alleviate the all issues associated with a too large PST. After this done, you must archive the mails and then run scan PST.
  • 3. Rename the OST:
  • Close you Outlook and open the folder that houses their data file, make sure to change the extension of the OST file.
  • 4. Delete and Rebuild the Profile:
  • When all solution fails, then you may delete your outlook profile. Now you need to use caution with that. If your Outlook is working with the POP account, then the recent inbox will need to be exported as a data file. If Outlook is connecting to either an exchange server or the IMAP Account, then this process is just a matter of deleting the profile and then reading it. To perform this, you may open your Control Panel, go to the Mail and Profiles, and then delete the profile.
  • 5. Disable the Add-ons:
  • The more add-ons that are connected to your Outlook, the slower it becomes. If you have any doubt, start your Outlook in safe mode and see how much faster your Outlook runs.
  • 6. Disable the Virus Scan:
  • You may need to disable the virus scan. In some cases, this can slow outlook to a crawl. If you are unsure where an Outlook issue is stemming from, temporarily disable the antivirus outlook connection to see whether that solves the issues. You need to update the antivirus software to fix the problem.
  • 7. Run in Safe Mode:
  • Running your Outlook in a safe mode is a good way to troubleshoot. The one caveat is that a number of the features will not work. It is the optimum solution to keep your account safe.
  • 8. Run with Resetnav:
  • You must run with the Resetnav. It is must vital when you have done something into the navigation pane that may cause your Outlook to malfunction or have problems starting.
  • 9. Migrate the PST file from the Server:
  • If you have more than one PST file having to connect to a remote location, chances are Outlook is going to bog down. Move the archives to the C drive of the local machine to increase the performance.
  • Adjust the Calendar Permissions:
  • Open the Calendar in your Outlook, right click on the shared calendar, click on the Properties, and then go to the Permissions tab. There, you can add users to the calendar and give them particular permissions that will allow to do anything from reading to owning the calendar.Contact to the Hotmail helpline number 0800 098 8424 to get the instant solutions and measures to resolve the problems.

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