4csgoskins guide:Savelii jmqa Bragin and Roman CyberFocus Dergach

  After s1mple leave, the Worst embarrassment of Players in the band afresh not neat, but with two new humans to join,cs go skin betting Worst Players are traveling on a adventure again.

  S1mple in May afterwards joining, Buy CS GO Skins Worst Players already in the boom, they defeated in SL - I alliance SK, and success will in BO3 bout the VP and GODSENT into the third map.


  In s1mple contract to continue in a Liquid, Worst Players also lose no time to introduce two new members, they are Savelii jmqa Bragin and Roman CyberFocus Dergach, two per capita is a former Empire, from Empire leave last week after I have been looking for a new owner, and the Worst Players have hit it off.

  Currently Worst Players as follows:


www.5eplay.com/statics/images/flag/ua.gif" height="11" width="16" />

  Ilya "fix" Golovko


www.5eplay.com/statics/images/flag/ua.gif" height="11" width="16" />

  Igor "crush" Shevchenko


www.5eplay.com/statics/images/flag/ua.gif" height="11" width="16" />

  Vladislav "arch" Svistov


www.5eplay.com/statics/images/flag/ru.gif" height="11" width="16" />

  Savelii "jmqa" Bragin


  Roman "CyberFocus" Dergach

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