Tell no more of enchanted days. That was called the order: and he had heard his father say that they were all clever men. He poured sauce freely over Stephen's plate and set the boat again on the table. You can't, you can't!"-- he lay beautifully staring., as then, he stood listlessly in his place, seemingly a tranquil watcher of the scene before him. "I had no opportunity to ask him! This evening, you see," I pursued, "he has not been able to get in. The ticking went on unceasingly; and it seemed to this saint that the sound of the ticking was the ceaseless repetition of the words -ever, never; ever, never. God had allowed him to see the hell reserved for his sins: stinking, bestial, malignant, a hell of lecherous goatish fiends. soft liquid joy like the noise of many waters flowed over his memory and he felt in his heart the soft peace of silent spaces of fading tenuous sky above the waters, of oceanic silence, of swallows flying through the sea-dusk over the flowing waters. And then, filled with love for men, He went forth and called to men to hear the new gospel. --I'm an emotional man, said Temple. A tender premonition touched him of the tryst he had then looked forward to and, in spite of the horrible reality which lay between his hope of then and now, of the holy encounter he had then imagined at which weakness and timidity and inexperience were to fall from him.

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