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Original Title: A More Perfect Union

Genge: Action,Drama,Sci-Fi,Thriller,War

















































As small Immune factions continue to fight the cure, CDR Chandler, and his team, put a call out to civilians to meet them at ports all over the United States to receive the cure.
After sinking the Ramsey submarine, the ship hopes to eliminate the Immunes by spreading the contagious cure nationwide from some ports along the Mississippi it may still reach, appealing to the people to get healed there and spread back landward. Tex sets off to rejoin his family, but finds his wife buried, his daughter on the run, and hears the crew must be warned: Immunes impersonating them plan to discredit the operation as a mass-murderous plot, so landing teams must find and eliminate them, but arrive only late. Master Russel is overheard on the radio advising his old kin to return home for safety, which is broadcast as 'proof' the mission is a trap. The last chance is Michener's prospected new capital, St. Louis, where the population is large enough to make up for the limited success, and if the plan works the site for his festive inauguration.
The submarine has been destroyed. However, Kevin and some others of the chosen ones that were on the ground are not giving up, and will do anything to thwart Chandler and his people's plan to deliver the vaccine. The president and the rest of the Nathan James will try to convince people to come to the ports so they can deliver the cure.

With the submarine out of the picture, the last episode of season 2 of "The Last Ship" was in danger of becoming a boring or tone down one. However, with some of the 'bad people' still on the loose, the episode does a good job of keeping things interesting, action-oriented and with some nice twists. It is obvious that is all a little bit of a coda, with even a happy ending followed by a shocking death, but the distribution of the vaccine gives the show the opportunity to expose the difficulty of convincing people of whom to trust and how difficult it will be to bring things back to a state of more or less 'normal' everyday life.

With the show continuing, it will be interesting what it has to offer, as season one left a very open ending, but this second's could have perfectly been an end to the series, with a president, a cure and no big enemy in sight.

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