Affiliate Marketing - The Opportunities Are Unlimited at Amazon

Among the favorite affiliate marketing programs among seasoned internet marketers is Once a clearing house for books and magazines, Amazon has expanded to include anything you can imagine. Become an Amazon affiliate and sell anybody, anybody group, or ALL of these items and earn a commission on every single sale.

Granted, the Amazon commissions are much lower than those you'd receive from ClickBank. But your customers have a whole lot more to pick from, too. And when they follow your affiliate connect to the Amazon website, you'll receive commission on anything they buy - no matter what it is.

Look at this - you might put up an affiliate site selling an eBook from ClickBank and earn $17 commission each time you sell that book. Or, you might create an affiliate site selling a guide from Amazon and earn $4 commission - ON THE BOOK. You could also earn commission on the newest printer they decide to buy while they're at Amazon, and the brand new laptop for their child who's going off to college, and the newest TV they're buying for the den, and.... While your Amazon commissions might be smaller per sale, they add up a lot more quickly than those Clickbank commissions.

how to make money selling on amazon

And let's say your visitor wants to think about that ClickBank ebook. When they forget to bookmark your site and they need to do a seek out that product when they're ready to purchase it, they may find yourself following someone else's affiliate connect to ClickBank and you won't get the sale. However, if they've put the Amazon item to their shopping cart software, you'll still be paid commission about it even when they wait 90 days to buy it.

One of the finest reasons to become an Amazon affiliate is due to the trust and authority that Amazon has in the eyes of the buyer. Most internet shoppers don't know who Clickbank or Commission Junction are. In addition they don't know the vendor. But they do recognize the Amazon name and they trust Amazon to provide a secure, secure, and guaranteed transaction. Sometimes that Amazon name is all it takes and you've got a sale.

No real matter what type of internet marketing you choose to complete, it's never wise to put your entire eggs in one basket. Go ahead and setup those Clickbank affiliate sites for the more expensive commissions you'll earn. But include several Amazon sites, too, so you should have income from several source.

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