Age Of Gladiators II: Death League Cheat Code For Ps3

Age Of Gladiators II: Death League Cheat Code For Ps3

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About This Game

Age of Gladiators II: Death League is a single-player strategy game set in 3000AD; a violent and unpredictable future where the gladiatorial games have surged in popularity throughout the known galaxy.

Hire scouts to scour the planets for potential prospects – once you have recruited your gladiators through the draft, scouting, missions, trades, or waiver wire acquisitions, you will need to manage their morale and personality while equipping them for battle on the harsh combat environments of various worlds. Recruit support staff, upgrade your headquarters, collect bounties, research technologies, build your headquarters, partake in side missions, and manage the wealth and reputation of your empire as it grows each day.

As your fighters win battles and increase in level, it will be up to you to decide how to focus their abilities by spending attribute, weapons, and expertise points. Compete, trade, and interact with other in-game owners as you fight through fifty-nine grueling, regular season battles in order to reach the playoffs, vying for the chance to etch your name for all eternity on the coveted Blood League championship trophy.
Build your story. Build your empire.


  • Eight different species with their own specific combat bonuses and abilities.
  • Control your gladiators with the new 3D isometric combat system, where fights can have hundreds of different outcomes. Utilize dozens of different combat styles and abilities –employ unique species abilities, combat stims that increase physical stats, and special equipment such as force fields, weapon jammers, armor shredders, nano-leeches, and more.
  • Construct a headquarters to your exact specifications in order to maximize the efficiency of your operation. Medical bays, training centers, cloning tanks, cybernetics labs, weapons ranges, equipment workshops, and more.
  • Gladiators are born with their own dynamically generated physical attributes (twelve in total), weapon specialties, and personalities. It is up to you to draft the best prospects from the academy, make astute trades with competing owners, or hire scouts to scour for fringe fighters on nine different worlds.
  • As your gladiators level up, they gain points to spend on their attributes, weapons training, and expertise. Expertise allows you to build and customize your fighter according to their appropriate strengths. Weapons training allows you to specialize your gladiator with a specific weapon (pistol, carbine, or rifle for ranged sharpshooters, or 1-handed sword, 2-handed sword, or axe for melee brawlers). The physicality of your gladiators will increase or decrease with age, depending on if they are in their prime or declining.
  • Track the progress of your recently-drafted gladiators in the Rookie League, carefully developing and preparing them for their eventual promotion to the deadly Blood League. You could have the next unstoppable superstar in your farm system!
  • Clone dead fighters back to life or fit them with cybernetics if they are grievously wounded.
  • Be sure the check the bounty board. An opposing gladiator in the arena may have a price on their head, yielding millions of credits in payouts if they are killed in battle.
  • Manage your gladiators carefully – their morale, greed, injuries, fatigue, weapons training, and more must be taken into account before sending them to battle.
  • As your gladiators gain glory from battle, they will become more widely recognized and adored by the crowds. Win enough battles and they may even get voted into the Blood League hall of fame after they retire (or die).
  • Become a mogul outside of the arena. Purchase property for fame or businesses through which to further increase the efficiency of your operation.
  • Purchase, recruit, draft, trade, or claim fighters off the waiver wire.
  • Rob credit shipments, kidnap enemy fighters, assassinate your debt holders and more with the proactive mission system. Increase the odds of success by sending reliable gladiators on the mission as well. Lawfully aligned gladiators will only partake lawful missions, while criminally-inclined gladiators will assist in unlawful activities.
  • Engage in five different branches of research: combat, medical, weapons, armor, and scouting.
  • Search for deals on weapons, armor, combat stims, special equipment, and credit loans on the marketplace.
  • Hire staff such as scouts, doctors, trainers, weapons techs, and armor techs to help your gladiators achieve victory. Assign your superstars or promising prospects to trainers for individual grooming; or accelerate the healing of your wounded by providing them expert medical care from your hotshot doctor.
  • Strive to become the wealthiest individual in the known galaxy. There are quick and underhanded ways to make money, but your reputation and fighter’s morale may suffer as a result.
  • Receive taunting messages from opposing bosses as well as various other messages from your fighters, staff members, and different characters as you progress through the game.
  • Rename your gladiators in order to increase your attachment toward them.
  • Bet for or against your gladiator based on the odds generated by bookmakers in-game.
  • Fight purses and betting is based on the hype associated with each match. The greater the hype, the more lucrative the fight purse and betting market will be - but the opposition will also be tougher.
  • Each game is dynamically generated and different each time.
  • Play as many seasons as you want. Build your story. Build your empire.

Title: Age of Gladiators II: Death League
Genre: Indie, RPG, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Creative Storm Entertainment
Creative Storm Entertainment
Release Date: 21 Sep, 2017


  • OS: Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10
  • Processor: Dual-core 1.8GHz or equivalent processor
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Hardware Accelerated Graphics with dedicated memory
  • Storage: 1 GB available space


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This game trumps the first in every way!. Avoid this game. The design needed a lot more polish and the implementation is lacking many features.

- Way too many stats. This is a spreadsheet game with no information on how to play or what stuff means besides poorly worded (localization issue?) tooltips and ingame emails which contain too much fluff vs important game information. Every gladiator and staff member has 3 times as many stats as necessary and it is very difficult, and time consuming, to figure out which stats effect what abilities (ranged vs melee, defense, etc).
- Combat is horrible. So much so that it is highly recommended that you auto-resolve (simulate) combat. Unfortunately if you do you don't get any information what so ever about what happend. Just a straight up win or loss.
- At the beginning you miss (glancing blows) way too often. The game shows you the percent to hit but doesn't tell you if that is for an outright miss, glancing blow, hit, etc. Enemies have 2000-4000 hp and you do 50 damage with glancing blows 95% of the time even with a 40% chance to hit.
-Enemies always start a level higher than your guys so this is a "survive at first" type of game but there aren't any controls which allow you to effect that so it is just luck/random.
- No combat log so you have no visibility to what is happening besides outcome or if you miss a scrolling text, which is easy to do since they coor schemes don't contrast, you are out of luck.
- Poorly balanced. At the start you will sometimes fight 1v1 up to 3v3. You can't control this so you better get enough gladiators. My first game there was only 1 recruitable gladiator even though I hired the best scout so I had to use slaves which caused you to get hit with a 1 million dollar fine which is 1/5th of your starting money. Nowhere did the game indicate this would happen. The enemy usually goes first although there is initiative but I don't know how that is determined. You can influence it slightly by giving your gladiator almost all of the purse which is highly unstatisfying. Since the enemy usually goes first it is routine for one of your gladiators to die before they even activate. Generally each enemy to attacks 3-4 times per turn multiplied by 3 enemy gladiators so your guys can get slaughtered even with armor.
- Graphics and sound are bad. There are different models for each race but only one per race that I saw so you and the enemy use the same models. Armor looks like decals being added to the model when viewed up close but in combat you don't view them that closely.
- Very little tactics in combat. You select the attack which boils down to various forms of +toHit & -damge or -toHit & +damage. There are some boosts and taunts and positioning bonuses but they are meaningless since all combat is in open arena (no terrain, obstacles, etc). It is straight up meless guys rush and range guys stand still and attack. Focus on one enemy at a time, etc. Very bland. Basically it is Roman colleseum gladitorial combat with rifles and swords.
- Performance is a little slugish which is horrible since this is a spreadsheet game. There is a second or so delay after hitting each button.
- Pacing is painful. I played several games and the first turn you spend money hiring gladiators & staff and buying weapons then you click end turn 25+ times until your first fight. The only thing to break that up are the 30+ emails you get of which almost all of them are meaningless. There isn't even a skip to next fight button or anything.
- As far as I have seen there isn't any story, interaction with your gladiators, etc. It is a straight up spreadsheet game with tactical combat and both of those elements are very poorly done.

This is a remake of their Roman themed game Age of Gladiators which marginally better.. Not as good as the first in general, although graphics of course are better. I think the sci-fi settings was the main issue as is the lack of automation choices, there really should be either full auto battles, or the choice of wich ever you choose. I think they kinda gave up on this one as it wasn't a hit and moved on to AOG Rome. They could still however make this one more polished and contonue to flesh it out and perfect. Still it can be quite fun according to your ability to find your immersion and imagination, plus this genre is quite bare so you don't have a huge selection to choose from. I think a Sims 3 inspired gladiator/Ludus would be a dream for most who love this out those Spartacus mini-series shows in a game..lmao. But it's certainly worth having if you are into this genre and I hope they continue to perfect their games in this genre.. Why couldn't the designer have used this sort of game for a semi-historical Rome-based game instead of having to turn it into a sci-fi aliens game? The first game in the franchise was poor because of the lack of battle detail or animation, and this solves that but then sets the game in outer space and introduces laser pistols and aliens.

I should have read the game overview, but I bought it as part of the bundle and (stupidly) thought that it was an update of the original rather than a completely different setting. I doubt it will see the light of day on my computer and I feel aggrieved at having paid for it.. Still needs polishing, but so far it is constantly improving.
As far as I am concerned definitly some nice management game where I will pass a couple of hours.. An excellent time killer, has some rough spots and the occasional glitch but has otherwise enjoyable game play.. This game is a heck of a lot of fun if the concept of a combat sports sim sounds appealing to you and is a large upgrade on the first in the series. Clearly, the developer is making some good strides and I'm eager to see what they come up with next. So sure, the game is flawed in many ways: you can start outsmarting the AI in combat almost immediately and win most of your fights, there isn't a lot of variety in equipment or combat, the scheduling is wildly erratic, and the developer clearly shouldn't have released two nearly identical games as the sequel to Age of Gladiators. None of that ultimately matters because the game is a kick, particularly once you start hitting your stride and developing upgrades. Grab it on sale.. The game is boring, and you max out your money at 2 billion which is dumb. There are also no personality to the game no events unlike gladiators II or at least I never had any. money caping at 2 bill did it in for me as I like to make money in these kind of games.. Had to alt+ f4 on my first launch because the New Game froze on the menu lol. Its actually an ok game, i bought age of gladiator 1+2 for cheaper than just buying age of gladiators 2 lol. Its really buggy but it seems deep and i actually don,t care about buggy games.

edit : this game is dope, looks alot like a hockey/soccer simulator. I personnally love the imbalance in favor of the player.

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