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In Among Ripples you are presented to a soothing and meditative experience where you can experiment at your leisure. As the caretaker of a small pond you decide which creatures should be introduced into the ecosystem, and what species will thrive. Study the creatures you introduce and learn more about them in order to shape a pond that you find sustainable. This game is a short but sweet experience where you get the opportunity to relax and think about the balance in nature.


  • Sandbox style gameplay where you are free to choose your own goals
  • Spawn fish, regulate the water's oxygen level and take care of contamination to find perfect balance
  • Organic art style drawing inspiration from shadow puppet animations and watercolor paintings
  • Serene soundtrack with ambience changing with the seasons
  • Relaxed experience where you can take your time and see how things progress at your own pace

Among Ripples is a free product with no strings attached. It's a little experimental title we want to share freely with you all. b4d347fde0

Title: Among Ripples
Genre: Casual, Free to Play, Indie, Simulation
Eat Create Sleep
Eat Create Sleep
Release Date: 22 Jan, 2015


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its fun for a (short) while.. It's an okay game for about 10 minutes. Would be a little better if there was an option to add more animals to the pod.. its fun for a (short) while.. It's an okay game for about 10 minutes. Would be a little better if there was an option to add more animals to the pod.

Crest - New Game on Early Access!:

Hi all,

We've just released our second game on Early Access. If you liked Among Ripples and want to play another management game, we recommend you to give it a try! It's a god game focused on expression and exploring the concept of religion and free will.. Crest launches March 8 - Add To Your Wishlist Now!:

If you've enjoyed Among Ripples in the past, please take a moment to add Crest to your wishlist:. Latest Update on Among Ripples 2:
Hello everyone,

Here's some news about the game. We're still in talks with several publishers and hope to sign something soon, this would bring a lot of stability the team has never seen before and we can develop the game in (relative) peace and quiet.

We did a mockup for the interface, it's a bit crowded, it will change a lot.

The base game would take place in Sweden but we wan't to add more campaigns set in other parts of the world. Here's new concept art for the Hebrides in Scotland.

Previously we also did concept art for the Red Sea and China.

We have begun early development on the proper game, so all of the actual content looks very unfinished. Within 8-10 months we hope to be at the same level as the prototype. Usually you build prototypes with duct tape and glue and it's not something you want to build a complete game on, so you basically start from scratch and use what you've learned.

Lastly I want to show you the life of pikes. the team added a first person camera to the animals before we wrapped up development on the prototype, you can't control it, but it looks very interesting imo!

We will be posting more of these on our social media, won't spam you here. And currently we have a poll on Twitter for which animal to do next.

The best place to follow development and interact with us right now is Discord, feel free to join.

Stay tuned for more!
//Martin & ECS. New Prototype Trailer:

Here's more footage from our latest prototype. Among Ripples is going 3d in order to fight pollution and eco disasters in more dimensions than before!

We are now pitching the project to publishers and hope to have funding soon so we can kick production into full gear. You can always join the discussion on our Discord:

Stay tuned! :). Working on the Sequel Now:

Hello everyone,

We're happy to announce that we're working on a sequel to Among Ripples now, and we want to hear from you what you want from it. The first game was mostly a small experiment, that's why we never charged for it. But since the game "blew up" on Steam with over 500 000 downloads and a lot of praise from you and press we felt that people want this kind of game. And now when we're done with Crest (we're releasing a big patch at the end of the month, but feature-wise it's complete) we want to explore a proper sequel for Among Ripples, to make the idea justice.

The new game is more like a traditional tycoon game with isometric perspective (the screenshot above was an early art test), but still the calm gameplay you like. Bigger and better, more play hours, things to explore and a campaign mode. We can't say anything more at the moment, it's really early in production and a lot will change.

Buuuut... join our Discord and follow the development of our new game, there's more "secrets" there. ;)

Stay tuned for more and thanks for your ongoing support!
//Martin and ECS
. News - Possible Publisher In 2019:

Hello everyone! We're back from Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, USA. Things are looking good for us, it's very likely we will sign with a publisher within the year, hopefully this summer.

We also wanted to share this mockup render of how we want the final game to look like, what do you think? Also, if you missed our latest trailer here it is again!

Feel free to join our Discord:

Stay tuned and take care!
//Martin and ECS. Game Update and Promotion:

Hello all!

We've been busy with developing Crest - an indirect god sim, which has been out on Steam now in Early Access for two months. We think you would find Crest appealing since it's also a management game with indirect control.

We'd really appreciate it if you'd support us, wishlist Crest now.

We've also updated Among Ripples to the new version of the Unity engine. Among Ripples is now running on Unity 5. We don't promise that this will solve any possible problems you've had, but the engine is more optimised than ever. We've also added the option to turn the sound off, as many of you have asked us to do. Lastly, we've implemented an ad in the menu that links to Crest. We've got to eat too you know.

The ad is not displayed anywhere outside of the menu. This is how the menu looks like now.

We hope you will keep in touch with us as we're continuing developing new experiences, you can see more of what we're up to on these platforms:


Thank you for your continued support and praise for Among Ripples. We really appreciate it!. 3 Year Anniversary - Soundtrack Now Available for Free!:
Wow! 3 years and people are still playing Among Ripples & uploading videos about it! Thank you very much for playing this little experiment we did years ago when we were still students.

To show you our appreciation for all your support, we decided to give you a little present. If you navigate to your Steam Library folder of Among Ripples, you'll find that we added the beloved background song for you to listen to whenever you want. If it's not there, please activate automatic updates for Among Ripples or restart Steam.

Among Ripples has now also a Twitter account. Keep an eye out for any upcoming announcements in the near future... ;)

In the past years, our little team has grown to the respectable size of 10 and we're close to finishing our second game, Crest - an indirect god sim. If you like deep sims with easy controls, it should be right up your alley.

To stay updated with everything we're doing:
  • Follow us on Facebook[] & Twitter
  • Have a chat with us on Discord[]
  • Sign up for our, major announcements only, Newsletter[]

Happy Birthday to all of you,
Eat Create Sleep

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