There is only one way safely and legitimately to reduce the cost of national security, and that is to reduce the need for it. Will that do now? Stephen felt the tears wetting his eyes and murmured: --O yes sir, thanks. He stooped to the evil of hypocrisy with others, sceptical of their innocence which he could cajole so easily. Ours is an organic law which had but one ambiguity, and we saw that effaced in a baptism of sacrifice and blood, with union maintained, the Nation supreme, and its concord inspiring. impressed with the truth of these observations, and under the obligation of that solemn oath which I am about to take, I shall continue to exert all my faculties to maintain the just powers of the Constitution and to transmit unimpaired to posterity the blessings of our Federal Union. She turned right and left in her distress. Love of liberty means the guarding of every resource that makes freedom possible - from the sanctity of our families and the wealth of our soil to the genius of our scientists. Our manufacturers are rapidly making us industrially independent, and are opening to capital and labor new and profitable fields of employment. who is the best poet, Heron? asked Boland. Perhaps you are the boy in this college whom God designs to call to Himself. This state of things has been in part effected by causes inherent in the Constitution and in part by the never-failing tendency of political power to increase itself. But she was a magnificent monument to the blessing of a want of imagination, and if she could see in our little charges nothing but their beauty and amiability, their happiness and cleverness, she had no direct communication with the sources of my trouble.

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