It is very gratifying, however, to be able to say that there are indications all around us of a coming change to prosperous times. You could die just the same on a sunny day. That was a very queer thing. They were like the cherubs of the anecdote, who had-- morally, at any rate--nothing to whack! I remember feeling with Miles in especial as if he had had, as it were, no history. told himself that it was simply his room with the door open. Nor can nature escape from these intense and various tortures by succumbing to them for the soul is sustained and maintained in evil so that its suffering may be the greater. " But my companion only looked wan. He broke into a fit of laughter and coughing and added: --manufacturing that champagne for those fellows." "If we do," I returned with some spirit, "you may be sure it will be to take you quite away. Let each man see to it that the dedication is in his own heart, the high purpose of the nation in his own mind, ruler of his own will and desire. God could see that he was sorry. It is an intricate and soothing hymn.

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