It baffled me for a long time. "But of what?" "He never told me! But please, miss," said Mrs. No sound of footsteps came up or down the road. As he descended the steps the impression which effaced his troubled self-communion was that of a mirthless mask reflecting a sunken day from the threshold of the college. and religion before everything! Dante cried. I realize to the full the responsibility which it involves. It is not a departure but a return that we have witnessed. The bell rang for night prayers and he filed out of the study hall after the others and down the staircase and along the corridors to the chapel., though there were different names for God in all the different languages in the world and God understood what all the people who prayed said in their different languages, still God remained always the same God and God's real name was God. Now it was God's turn: and He was not to be hoodwinked or deceived. All must see that if it were possible for them to be successful in attaining their object the dissolution of the Union and the consequent destruction of our happy form of government must speedily follow. Dante gave him a cachou every time he brought her a piece of tissue paper.

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