City Of Ages: Picture Supportive Text MUD (server And Client Included) Ativador Download [key Serial]

City Of Ages: Picture Supportive Text MUD (server And Client Included) Ativador Download [key Serial]

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About This Game

If you find that when you run the Run the Client button doesn't bring up the client your Windows operating system is blocking with UAC. Pulling down UAC to the bottom isn't the full solution. To resolve the issue go into: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam find STEAM.EXE right click go to properties and select Run as Administrator. This will solve the problem for all your products that use two applications to run your games including City of Ages. Windows 10 later issue got rid of this issue.
A quick tidbit about the amount of code that is in the server alone, 5.73 Million bytes; that is a lot of code, all yours with purchase! Mostly written using SQL statements, that means speedy code! Also, CoA telnet client will work with other telnet MUDs, also CoA server has been tested and works with any and all other telnet clients and those clients running from other operating systems.

The client is designed for everyone to make leveling much easier! Also, some find Text games more fun because a tonne more time is spent on the code over graphics. For those interested in the challenge of taking up the code. VB 6 sr 6, is still a decent language to work with and easy to learn, this is why this language was chosen. Also you will need Access 97 sr 1 if you want to dig into the database. You are all also welcome to advertise your mud internet IP address in your messages here under the description, so others can play your MUD. The Server and Client use a true X,Y,Z coordinate system giving real depth to the Mudding environment; allowing the development of a role-play feel and immersive realm. Portability friendly, use any telnet capable mobile device, tablet, or any type of computer to connect to your MUD! Not a coder, no problem! Use the IMMO command and learn to build, takes awhile to get used to them but they work great! There is instructions of all the main player control and immortal build commands right from the City of Ages client, for ease of use.

You begin your adventure with medieval weapons including cross/bows/slings and bolts/arrows/and rocks, and move slowly into modern weaponry. There are machineguns/hand phasers and ammo. Starships are fully loaded with weapons/shields and mines, use them as a house or beam down to just about any location in the realm. Stock-market, Golfing [its hilarious to golf grenades around the realm], Stargates, Starships, a tonne of different types of Quest engines, as well as normal types of quests, and many built-in Door games. Door games include, a Mini-Casino, a real to life Roulette game, a fun Horse Racing game, one playable Arcade game, Dice, and a Deck of Cards. For Role-play we have advanced EMOTES for you and your mountable pets. The creatures of the realm go on city Raids, and will eventually mark you as a bounty over time and then they will try to catch you off guard.

Great for those new to Mudding and especially those that played Internet MUDS, and BBS Door games. This MUD also allows you to link/import your own pictures and sounds, which is not included, for you to find and optionally create. There are loads of free pictures and free sounds found on the web.

The MUD is fully finished and fully programmed to automatically run your quests for you.

Happy Hunting! 7ad7b8b382

Title: City of Ages: Picture Supportive Text MUD (server and client included)
Genre: Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, RPG, Strategy
Darren N Lory
Release Date: 23 Oct, 2017


  • OS: XP/7/8/10
  • Processor: any
  • Memory: 100 MB RAM
  • Graphics: any
  • Storage: 500 MB available space
  • Sound Card: any
  • Additional Notes: Fully finished game! Server requires minimal resources and can Sleep itself when inactive. Any device that supports Telnet can connect to the Telnet Server. Telnet Server and Client provided works on any Windows OS.


Cant recommend this game. Seems pretty cool, but its too difficult to get into. When I play a MUD, i want to launch it, make my character, read what the games about and get into it. I dont want to spend an entire day trying to figure how to do simple things like make the emulator go fullscreen. The hour or so I have in the game isnt even me playing. It was me either trying to get into the game server, which isnt too difficult. Had a problem where I had to relaunch the client 2 to 3 times so I can connect to the server. Also had a problem where my character on the server got deleted, which was strange. Or, itd be me trying to find out the UI, trying to get it go fullscreen or whatever. So this isnt a review on the gameplay, from the other reviews Ive read, people said it was good gameplay and didnt go beyond that. But for me, Im getting my refund and checking back when the games had a few updates.. This MUD is set in a post-apocolyptic world. Many different areas to explore, real time roulette, level approriate quests, 5 different clans and many hidden areas. I found more aggro mobs than were here when I played many years ago but that's ok, keeps me on my toes. I noticed the soothsayers are gone which is a bit disapointing, but Bertha is still in her cage. Houses are available for sale, as are spaceships which you can fly to other worlds. I've been playing for almost 2 weeks and am close to level 25. This is thanks to the armageddon feature which awards players for their kills in a certain amount of time. I do recommend this game to veteran and new players. Make MUDs Great Again!!. never really got into MUDs before, but I am absolutely loving this game!

the game balances exploration and combat perfectly. it also does a very fine job of keeping things fresh, the amount of emotes one can choose from is almost overwhelming realistic-like seriously, players can select from more emotes than I've ever expressed in my actual life. really dig the environment as a whole.

overall this game is very entertaining and possibly addicting. i plan on getting this for a couple of my friends for the holidays.. I played more than 9 minutes i was getting high level, this is a great mud and we can host it thanks to this awesome dev ;). This is awesome! You can run your own mud server and basically host your own online world. I love it. I have been looking for a mud server to run for a long time. This one is easy to set up and works perfectly. Thanks to the dev for this!

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