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About This Game

Your goal is to confront and destroy the Demon and locate the lost
Crown of Peace. You will roam your once-beautiful land, routing out
the Demon's hateful minions, solving the mysteries of the fortress,
and moving ever closer to your final encounter with the Demon. Summon
your courage and raise your sword for a fight to the death.


7 Levels: At the Gates; Underdark, a cavern realm of molten lava;
Chambers of Torment, the dungeons of the fortress; The Commoners Quarters;
Garden of Eternity, the fortress courtyard; The King's Quarters; The Dragon's Den

Wage war with swords, axes, magic, and explosive weaponry through nine quests, seven
levels and five sublevels of the ultimate hack-and-slash action.

Fight for your clan and your world as one of four unique characters each possessing
distinct skills and abilities.

Casts spells, unravel puzzles, interact with extraordinary characters and destroy evil incarnate.

When you launch Clans, you will see a window pop up:

"Please insert the CLANS CD! Hit OK when done, or Cancel if you don't want any music."

This is an olde school Diablo type game, back in the days when games were run with the CD inserted. The interesting feature of this particular game is that the
contents of the original CD contained only the music for the game. What this means is that you can put ANY music CD into your CD player and the game will play it! If you don’t want to have music playing, simply hit ‘Cancel’ and the game will launch. Have fun!

The original CD audio has been added to the game files. If you want to hear the original soundtrack, you will have to navigate to your Steam directory where the game files for Clans reside. You will find a folder called "Clans music", and the audio files are in there. Then you will have to burn an audio CD and put into your CD drive. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Clans
Genre: RPG
Strategy First
Release Date: 11 Aug, 1999


Not so good... but, not so bad :-) 2\/5. this is so ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ good i came 3 tilmes. would recomend, good game. Bought 3. The most underestimated game ever.

This game was heavily criticized back in 1999 for being poor Diablo 1 clone, but that only means shame for these critics. Because this game is nothing like Diablo.

Now a days I can compare this game most with Legend of Grimrock 1. In Clans you travel through series of small square rooms, grouped into several big locations, killing mosters, that give you no experience. In fact all the character leveling thing is done via collecting different equipment and potions. Very, very rarely they can be dropped by defeated monsters, but most of the time they are hidden in these rooms. Sometimes you can find a merchant, but they are very rare, and each carries only 4 items, which is not much. To buy stuff you need money, which is hiddent in the rooms as well. Selling loot won't make you rich, so all the money you find matters.

Also Clans has strong adventure element. You will find quest items and solve different kind of puzzles to move on, some of them are necessary to finish the game, some are not. So most of the time you'll be cleaning rooms of monsters and carefully investigating them one by one, solving puzzles in due time. This unites this game with LoG, as well as with early Resident Evil game.

And Clans is amazing for investigating. IMO it has the best dark medieval fantasy atmosphere of all the games ever. Dark woods, dark dungeons, dark villages, dark castles - all of these came from the best fantay books and RPG games. Also the game has a sensible disturbed feeling to it - there is no place you can call home (like Tristram in Diablo), there is no guaranty that you'll find a shopkeeper soon to sell stuff or buy some potins if you ran out of them, there is even no pause in the game! Most NPCs can be found in pretty odd places saing odd things, there are no dialog options and your hero stays silent. All these aspects of gameplay make me think of Clans as a grandmother of Dark Souls.

Also Clans has really pleasant graphics (pre-rendered isometric games almost don't age) and amazing minimalistic rhythm-based soundtrack (it's won't automatically play in Steam version, but you can always switch songs by hand in any music player in parallel to the game. BTW, music for the first game level is Track 5, all the tracks before are for the intros and menu), and that makes the game feel absolutely superb.

There are some noticable flaws in the game like too many empty rooms and the battle system. The battle system looks like this: if you use magic you devastate enemies until you're out of mana, then you stay in the run (or wait calmly if no one is cahsing you) until your mana replenish, and then repeat. This is pretty slow, but pretty safe way of playing. But if you have good magic and low healt, enemies will hit you really, really hard.
If you use melee, then it's just luck of who will die first. Except for health potins and equipment, there's no way you can manually influence the melee combat. All this makes combats feel a bit idiotic (especially on early stages of the game), but, at the same time, the fact that there's no chance to avoid damage in melee combat only strengthens the disturbing atmosphere of Clans.

Though the game is old, and a lot of younger gamers probably won't like it, I would recommend it to every dark fantasy lover and to every lover of dungeon crawles like Legend of Grimrock. For me it's 11 out of 10.. I know that its stupid to play less than half an hour of a game and then write a review saying it sucks, but this game sucks. not worth the $2.50 unless you are an old old old old school fan. "You enter a new kind of hell."<\/b>

Clans is a slightly bland name, isn\u2019t it? Maybe that\u2019s why it was called Satanica in Germany. Satanica, that\u2019s more like it.
It came out during a time where everyone was waiting for Diablo II and every game that shared similar traits was quickly dismissed as a clone. Clans got slaughtered by the press, they hated the non-scrolling, square rooms with clearly marked exits and the static, pre-rendered graphics.

Well. I love them to death. All these wonderful shades of brown, grey and black. Almost every room\/bit uniquely rendered. A sense of total bleakness without bragging about it. And then puzzles, like, proper puzzles that you would find in classic point-and-click adventure games. Kicking a door in with an axe, setting spellbooks on fire in a chimney to destroy them.
I'm playing the game with some kind of weak elf character, something I normally don\u2019t do, as I prefer babarians or warriors, as they don\u2019t die so easily.
I really recommend the elf class, it ramps up the difficulty and changes the gameplay, because you really don\u2019t have a lot of HP, and potions are rare, so suddenly every health point counts.
Well, you quicksave, enter a new room and a bunch of enemies start to attack you, which often means instant death or unacceptable HP loss - so you quickly reload, which only takes a fraction of seconds and try again, which creates nice \u201cI can do this better!\u201d-loops reminding me of Hotline Miami.
In Diablo II, when I lost HP, I never really knew why, and it didn\u2019t matter, as you could heal yourself without problems.

Next thing: Clans doesn\u2019t give you experience points for killing enemies. I partly think this is because the developer didn\u2019t have the funds to properly balance and test an EXP system. But on the other hand, it is SO bold to take away from players what they desire the most: watching numbers grow.
Instead, you level up by finding items, and avoiding fights (via teleporters) is often encouraged. Also, enemies often start fighting each other, which always gives games a sense of realism\u2026

(All of this makes me also want to play the next game they did, it\u2019s called Dragonfire - The Well of Souls and contains the playable character class DUCK. Also, you set out to fight an evil princess. What\u2019s not to love? Needless to say, that one got killed by the gaming press, too.). SOOO good , Works so well and is honestly the best game ever, a friend got it for me and it was soo good

11/10 would crash my computer again. It is a nice but not too long of a game. In the style of "Druids". Make sure you save often and remember you have a finite inventory selection. There are plenty of fun puzzles and some good action and lots of reloading.

Good Luck destroying the demon best use the +5 Axe it is the best.

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