Colony Assault Activation Code And Serial Key For Pc

Colony Assault Activation Code And Serial Key For Pc

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About This Game

Planet Larwinus N 421 was initially terraformed as a mining colony on January 3274 SET. Just as the exploitation was at its end with 7,300,000 tons of platinum and 8,453,000 tons of gold extracted from the planet, a colonial wars started across the known terraformed worlds in 3283. Because of the strategic location, on the rim of the colonized world, LN 421 quickly became an important supply route for the Earth government.

During the first three years of war, the military built their training and maintenance bases across the planet. The specific purpose of the installations are still classified. Two years after the war 3307 SET and the discovery of inertium166 material on planet LD 17 which is just 8 light years from LN 421, the colony was repurposed to a research center for advanced weapons division.

The year is 3313 SET. Military ship ISS ZEUS patrolling the outer rim received a subspace distress call from LN 421 for immediate evacuation. ISS YORK stationed at LN 421 is not responding to any military or public contact frequencies. Route is plotted, drives engaged - 17 days to reach the objective. Operation "Colony Assault" is about to begin.

Game Features

  • Command a marine squad individualy or as a team
  • Drive and command APC
  • Save the colonists and extract them in a shuttle
  • Make your own tactics in a nonlinear gameplay
  • Complex AI behaviour
  • Varied weapons - pistol, shotgun, flamethrower ...
  • Tools - motion detector, welder, flares ...
  • + Survival mode

Title: Colony Assault
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Simulation
Logic tree
Logic tree
Release Date: 15 Dec, 2015


a very unique game i wish this type of genre was more prevalent.. AMAZING but has bug.... c4\/tnt doesnt blow up all the missiles..... Even on 'normal' difficulty, the other being 'nightmare' a single hit within the first couple of minutes is enough to kill you instantly and send you to the main menu, with the only option being to restart the first level again and walk slowly towards the turrets that killed you.

This is while dodging the instant death meteorites that you may have difficulity seeing due to the eyestrain caused by the constant wavering of the entire game screen, presumeably to illustrate the fact that your character is injured.

This game might be fun and interesting once you get into it, but personally i can't reccomend it due to the eyestrain nessecary to reach that point.. Yes the game is hard, but it is also really really enjoyable. Yes the first mission is tough and annoying but once you finally get past it then starts the "real" game. On the 2nd mission what i consider the main game you have a wide open space with a few simple taskes, all non scripted. It's basically Aliens 2 where you have to rescue colonists from a planet with aliens being a constant threat. And to be honest for $7.99 I would take this game way over Aliens Colonial Marines. Its not perfect but it really is worth a shot.. The game is crazy hard, but I like the lack of forgiveness. The 2nd mission is a ton of fun just getting past the first is a chore though and the tutorial is a desert of information. Also, there are stability issues, I haven't had many but they are annoying. There are a lot of bugs that need to be worked out (particularly getting scientists to stay in the police station, game crashes). The command UI is ARMA2 complicated but once you've worked with it you can get things done fairly fast. The screen effects are pretty annoying (wish they had an option to turn them off); and for the meteorites, there is a method to avoiding them consistently. In fact I almost never get unless I forget that they aren't just for ambiance.

That being said, the premise is really cool; it's like AVP2 but what if the main compound wasn't overrun before you got there. There are also a lot of cool little mechanics like your squad have limited ammo, but can resupply at the APC (but if the APC stock runs dry your done). Most of the games worth comes from the 50,000 ways you can approach the 2nd mission and survival.

Overall, the game needs more polish and more content wouldn't hurt; it is however a ton of fun.


so....came back after a few updates to rediscover the world of LV----------. Turns out, the dude that made the game has (seemingly?) fixed most of the crashes. Also (applause) I finally got the freaking high velocity rounds (due to correction of the spiral out of control problems). This has been AWESOME. The basic assault rifle is now significantly more useful than a can of pepper spray in a hermetically sealed closet, and by that I mean it now \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 slaps aliens with a mighty foam pimp hand, golden chalice not included.


The 2.1 version is way more stable and you don't have to figure out how to avoid all the causes of life-ending misery (like the falling asteroids which get smaller the closer they are to hitting the ground. Watch the skies! Watch the shadows on the ground! Watch when things in the sky get close to shadows on the ground because they're probably close to the ground! Watch out for turrets! They will slay you with merciless efficiency! You have access to airstrikes! They're good at destroying things like walls and guns that shoot and spin!


and lest ye weak of heart and those of you lacking in dedication were feeling particularly blessed by the gods of alien slaughter, the game is still hard. It's supposed to be hard. Sometimes games are made with the specific intention of being hard. So if you can't handle the non-consensual, alien induced rectal orifice expansion and subsequent brutal violation that you shall surely suffer (and many, many, many a time), then don't buy it; understand however, that you are probably a being with a genetic predisposition towards being quadruped with a caudal appendage, having a tendency to howl at the moon, and mayhap popping out puppies. Because real men do hard things and dont \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 about them, and also kill aliens.

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