You've written other up books you've done so much you know content driven knowledge out there and i'm just wondering you know was Cogniflex typeof a catalyst for something kinda really like pushing a job and you gotta get his book out there sure and so basically you think about this web got a hodgepodge love you know quote-unquote recipes out there for everything from hacking your brain to enhancing recovery to you building muscle or losing fat quickly to getting your body ready for the rigours have say like a trap on our Spartan Race search a syriza CrossFit events all sorts of things scattered around on many many web sites on the internet and in many books that I've there in before but never everything in one spot someone take all these recipes I have Ford getting the most out your body and your mind Cogniflex and put them all together in one central kinda easy to reference location so this is kinda the the cookbook that resulted .

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