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Arrogant Bastard: A Stepbrother Romance by Winter Renshaw
Published 2015; ISBN: N/A; 250 Pages

The very last time my father beat me to a bloody pulp was the night he walked in on my stepmother and me in bed. To be fair, she seduced me. And to be honest, I liked it. I was nothing but a willing pawn in her sick and twisted agenda to destroy my egomaniacal, man-of-the-cloth father, but the lady at CPS said I was a victim. I never thought of myself that way. Thinking too much about how shitty life’s been can really f*ck with your head if you let it.

That’s when I moved to Utah, where my mother lived with her husband and two sister-wives. And that’s when I met her. My stepsister. Well, one of many. But this one stood out because just like me, we’d been fighting a losing battle our entire lives.

Only I never expected to fall for her. Really fall for her. But shit, what was family anyway? Nothing but a bunch of labels and formalities that didn’t mean anything to most people when it really came down to it. At least that’s the way I’d been raised my whole life.

F*ck being “family”. I have to have Waverly Miller, and I won’t stop until she’s mine.

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