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Island in the Sea of Time by S.M. Stirling

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Published March 1st 1998 by Roc | ISBN: 0451456750 | 608 Pages | EPUB/MOBI/PDF/KINDLE

During a perfect spring evening on Nantucket a violent storm erupts and a dome of crawling colored fire blankets the island. When the howling winds subside and the night skies clear, the stars appear to have shifted. The mainland has become a wilderness of unbroken forest, where tools of bronze and stone litter the beaches, and primitive natives scatter in terror.

A startling phenonomenon has occurred; The island of Nantucket has been swept into the long-ago past. With its inhabitants adrift in the year 1250 B.C., there is only one question to be answered: Can they survive?

A provocative and endlessly inventive spin on the classic adventure story, Island in the Sea of Time takes you on a journey of wonder, discovery, and imagination.

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