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Original Title: The Morning After

Genge: Action,Comedy,Crime,Mystery,Romance,Sci-Fi,Thriller





































Having been rendered unconscious by knock-out gas in his pursuit of rogue agent Jimmy Merlin, Steed awakes to find that London is deserted and under martial law, headed by Brigadier Hansing. Under cover of a supposed evacuation, the Brigadier, incensed that he is to be retired from the army, has planted an atom bomb to destroy the capital. All Steed has to do is find it.
For me, this is one of the worst eps of all the filmed series. Tara may not be up to Mrs Peel's standards, but she is a good eyeful and sadly she is missing for most of the hour. And you know - this ep simply doesn't look like an Avengers story, it's almost as if it was made by another company as a cheap filler, it's just 'wrong'. It would fit better into the later (and worserer) New Avengers series. The Avengers always looked expensive (well, since it went to 35mm film), but this one looks as though it was suffering from a severe budget cut. Bleurgh, take it away.
Jimmy Merlin ( Peter Barkworth ) is a master spy with no loyalty to either side - he simply works for whosoever pays best. When he breaks into a top secret research establishment and steals a quantity of sleep gas capsules, Steed and Tara lay in wait for him in a toy shop. Merlin uses one of the capsules to knock his enemies out, but Steed has locked the door, and he too succumbs to t

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