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About This Game

DubWars is an action-packed arcade shooter that successfully combines music and gaming in a way never seen before. We've collaborated with incredible EDM and Dubstep artists to create a game that synchronizes the energetic music with fun and exciting gameplay. The music becomes your weapon as they fire in sync to the rhythm of the song, each beat firing a unique weapon. Listen to the bass, up beats, climax, and the drop of each song in order to progress through each level's difficulty. Analyze the risk and reward of collecting Wubs from destroyed enemies in order to upgrade, or just try to frantically survive the song!

  • 10 custom-built levels with amazing visuals and effects!
  • Discover and support both up-and-coming musicians and your favorite established artists!
  • Learn about the artists and where you can follow them, as well as download their other music
  • Progress through three difficulty modes by mastering the music and upgrading your ship
  • Complete objectives and Steam achievements, collect Trading Cards, and top the leaderboards!


  • Omni - Urban Metaphor
  • Dubsective - Synergy
  • Spock - Break It Up
  • Minecraft Universe - Eclipse
  • Celldweller - Tough Guy (Tim Ismag Remix)
  • Varien - Metalworks
  • Minesweepa - Leviathan
  • Totally Sick - Distorted
  • Summer School - Choose Your Weapon
  • James Egbert - Menu Music

Title: DubWars
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
MURA Interactive
WOBBL3 Entertainment LLC
Release Date: 19 Jul, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP SP3
  • Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core Processor
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Integrated Graphics (512)
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 260 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Realtek High Definition Audio


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it was a good game till u realize u beat all the lvls and they dont add any more. oh yay an up date wow new graphics but then ohhh same lvls u beat the game in under an hour. tbh not worth it unless they add more lvls. This game is just amazing, beautiful graphics, awesome and catchy music. From someone who loves music and LOVES games, this is the best of both worlds. Would highly recommend to someone who wants to just relax and listening to music.. It is games like this that have made me a big fan of the Early Access program and let me tell you why.. This is a game I have been following for a year and periodically I check in to see what has been done and give it a play. I don't know that this is the case with this game but I'm sure alot of these devs are amateur game makers and they get a creative idea and say "hell I can do this!" and they go for it. Watching these game progress is also watching a person progress. I find is almost as enjoyable as playing the game. If you do as well, get in early on games when you see the dev is actively updating.

DubWars is a fantastic game with great music and has become more polished graphically over the year that I have been playing it. Each level is a beautifully themed shooter based on the particular song.

You can spend many time through enjoying the music and learning when the music will trigger your weapons to cause maximum carnage.

If you enjoy twinstick shooters and good music this is for you.. reminds me of my days of going to the arcade to play galaga and waste all my money on it but it adds a "bada**" way of playing these types of games and u get to listen to some cool EDM and dubstep.. Let me start by saying I received this game during the holiday auction, I did not pay for it...That being said the amount of content that available for this game is NOT worth the $20 they are trying to charge people. At the time of this review there are currently five songs that are playable, which is HALF of what they're offering; Ten songs at completion. Now, if they went for a $10 Early access price, and then went up to $20... maybe.. but even then. There are similar audio based games that cost less. Soundodger+ is $9, Audiosurf is $10, these games have a LOT more content and also offer personal MP3 usage in some way. Then you add in the "Controller compatibility". I thought i'd give it a try, after finishing every song at least three times. The sensitivity was comparitive to a snail, on oil. i got about 20 seconds into a song (because i had to wait for the music to actually start for the weapons to fire) before i realized.. This is what their idea of hardmode must be. it was impossible to rotate fast enough for your weapons to destroy everything.

-10/10 Would not recommend.

As of now, I would not recommend this game to people unless it was free. When they add more than ten songs and an editor, or at least lower the price to something reasonable, then i might be willing to recommend this game.. This thing is pure joy to play. Bought it at $7 and definately worth it. Not only is there the general awesomeness of the visuals combined with the music, but there is some nuance in there. Each level has a different learning curve and special techniques that you basically just have to invent out of your own ingenuity and experimentation to succeed. HUGE smile on my face the last 2 hours.. This game is just amazing, beautiful graphics, awesome and catchy music. From someone who loves music and LOVES games, this is the best of both worlds. Would highly recommend to someone who wants to just relax and listening to music.

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