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Everything Must Fall is an action-packed physics puzzle game in VR. You are an outcast among the tinies working your daily job as a demolitioner at Blow Big Stuff Up Ltd. B 5d3b920ae0

Title: Everything Must Fall
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Early Access
Carry Castle
Carry Castle
Release Date: 25 May, 2017


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-4590


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I like it, it's classic fun. Look good to.. One of the better experiences I've had in VR, a simple concept but well executed. The throwing mechanics feel natural and you can aim as you would in real life. The trajectories feel realistic, it feels like the projectile lands where it should. You only have yourself to blame when you miss. The graphics are colorful and playful in a Super Mario kind of way. It is easy to read the environment, no more information than you need and it does not feel cluttered. It is clear whether you can interact with an object or not. The levels are immersive. I like that it is not just about throwing projectiles, sometimes you need to use logic and puzzle skills to figure out how to start the Rube Goldberg machinery. Not to forget, I actually really dig the selfie stick for camera positioning, it brings your audience into the game. More VR games should have this type of gadget, it makes it easier to share the experience.. tons of fun, found myself grinning the whole time! each level in the first chapter added something new and cool, and the environment stylin' is spectacular! can't wait for the next chapter :D. This game is just pure fun for all ages, easy to pickup and understand within seconds which makes it a great game for partys or showing off your vive. When you start the game it puts you on a platform with tools (explosives but not always lol) in a beautiful environment with charm and you need to knock over as many buildings (blocks) as you can.Simple! Its kind of like that game on wii called Boom blox and it was a really good game but it wishes it could be as good as everything must fall. You have complete control over the camera in the form of a selfie stick for your local viewers looking at your screen so people watching dont miss anything. My friends and family have had a blast with this game and the only issue is the lack of levels but the devs are on top of it for sure. As you progress through the levels you are given different tools that are limited in quantity to knock over the buildings so aim carefully and try to get the best score. This game is in early access so who knows what can change but with our help we can make sure the changes are the right ones to make a great game! This is the first game I have really tried to get involved with because its the first game my 9yr daughter fell in love with (she hates videogames) and my 1yr old son laughes when he watches us play on the tv. Its just one of those games thats fun to watch or play so this is just my personal opinion so give it a shot and see if you can not smile while playing lol.. This game is a lot of fun! One of the cooler games I've played in VR.. Promising game in early access. Good for showing new people VR, everyone likes blowing things up. Art, voice acting, effects and dialog are all very unique and enjoyable. Looking forward to more levels. Need plenty of room to be able to reach all around you for objectsa and throw them.. Holy crap this was fun hahah. I wish there were more puzzles but there is a good amount of them for the cost of the game. There is a create your own/download a community made puzzle feature, but I find it confusing and not user friendly. Definitely give this a play if your looking for some quick cheap fun with your VR HMD.. Simple but intuitive and fun gameplay, and with new mechanics that pops up as you progress to keep things interesting. This is a nice game to showcase for people new to VR. A bit on the short side, which is to be expected since it is still in early access, but new levels and updates seems to pop up fairly regularly. Worked great with Oculus Touch.. Most fun I had with a VR game in a while! Some of the controls are a little wacky, and you understand why it is a early access. However, the game has a nice balance between challenge and progress, and it feels really responsive and fun when you get good hits. The selfie stick which projects to the PC screen allows you to use it as a party game as well, since my friends could follow really well, and we had a great laugh over all the funky physics. A fair amount of content already (played for over an hour and still not finished it), and the menu hints about at least 3 worlds, where 1 is current in the game. Would absolutely recommend for the price, especially as more content will be added throughout the summer.. It's easy to get going and a lot of fun, the kids enjoy playing it just as much as I do! You can tell that the developers have invested heavily in the look and feel as you can juggle with the bombs as well as rocks lying around and why not swing a pinetree to knock those last bricks down?! Pure fun!

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