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Farlight Explores is a 3D space-sandbox game, made for space exploration, science fiction and resource management fans. In this game you can build your base or spaceship, explore the galaxy, extract unique ores in each planet or asteroids, craft new products, transport goods from one planet to another and more...

Farlight Explorers is focused and supported on various pillars:

Auxiliary systems: Design and maintenance of all the elements that your base or spaceship need to be operative (water, food, oxygen, energy).

Automatization: Manage and automate the extraction of ores and production of elements that are essential to grow your base.

Transport of goods: Build spaceships in order to transport the goods is vital in order to produce all the possible elements of the game because each planet will have unique characteristics.

Managing a colony: Once you build the Singularity Gate, you will be able to manage a little colony with differents buildings, where your colonists will have a variety of needs to fulfill.

When you start the game you choose a planet to start from the hundreds out there in the galaxy map. Once on the planet you have to extract resources to begin building a base that provides you with the items to survive like food and oxygen. If the base is secure, you can start building your spaceship to go to other planets to extract unique resources that you need to develop new technologies, or you can also use your spaceship to explore.

Title: Farlight Explorers
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Farlight Games Industry
Farlight Games Industry
Release Date: 1 Feb, 2019


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great concept, very unclear in gameplay and no sandbox to experiment and learn in.. I'm recommending this with a ***HUGE*** caution tag on it: if you don't like bugs and need an end-game goal to works towards, then wait on buying it.

If you don't mind bugs including collision errors and can work under your own steam (no pun intended), then go for it, especially on a sale.

If you like:
- Space Engineers
- Medieval Engineers
- (and maybe Unturned)

...then you will probably like this game. I myself have invested numerous hours into SE and other community members have as well. If you play the game and heartily enjoy it you might want to look into this.

You start out with nothing but yourself and an escape pod full of some critical essentials. Mine, craft, and build your factory base literally from the ground up, first establishing an oxygen supply, then a food supply, then automated mining and production.

After a certain point you can build a spaceship and move to another system, and build another base, automating that as well. Then another. And another. I haven't gotten as far as building a ship and moving to another planet yet, but I'm really digging the base building so far.

The art style doesn't look terribly original, but this actually works to the game's advantage - I went to a few space museums (eg, the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum, and a couple others). The aesthetics of this game remind of the Mars colony-displays a few museums had, and it reminds me of them in the best way possible. It's all done in Unreal engine and looks very nice by default. I have an Intel GFX card on a 2013 laptop so I generally run most games on minimum graphics, which makes a lot of them look pretty flat or, in some games look faded and pixelated. This game still looks good and doesn't cause my PC to feel like it's on fire either. Also the motion blur is not disorienting (like I've found it to be in other games, such as Sniper Elite V2), yet is pleasantly noticeable and adds to the immersion. Major points for pulling that off right in my own book.

Controls are a bit wonky at first, but you get used to them. In some ways they remind me of Entropia Universe (real-world cash game I played for a couple hours but got tired of very quickly - it's not on Steam, I wouldn't bother playing it). It takes some getting used to at first but after awhile it comes naturally.

Tutorial is awful. Except for the beginning, you have to manually access it via "?"-button in your inventory. There is a community guide though which explains things pretty well with images, etc. A number of things in the game are self-explanatory or easily figured out though - don't discount the guide or help button of course, but this game isn't so complex you'll be dead-in-the-water if you try to go it alone. As long as you know what a few things do you can figure most things out. The only thing I haven't figured out yet or seen explained properly is how research works. I have had a research computer built and running for a few hours now but I never have any research points to spend... hopefully this will be explained in greater detail later on...

Game has enough physics to troll you. Parts fall through conveyors, robotic arms get stuck in machines, and ores you mine manually from resource deposits will fall back into the deposit and can't be collected. As each deposit has a finite amount of resource for you to acquire, once that ore falls back into the deposit (due to faulty collision calculations), you can't get it back, because the game is smart enough to not let the player clip through the deposit. The dev has said he's looking into this though and will probably be fixed soon.

As a whole, the game works pretty smoothly. It's still very rough around the edges, but it's playable. I can see myself investing a long time into this and look forward to doing so.

(Note: I'll try and update my review with each significant update/bug-fix). New Information (as of 1/10/2018)
I was impressed for awhile. Put 60 hours into it. As you can see the Dev has done nothing since November except delete complaint post after post. I subscribe to Farlight Explorers Discussions and I see more "deleted" posts from people that really need help with broken things than I ever see answers. The Dev has gone silent and the player base has to answer if they can. Feels like this game is now abandon...

Old Review:
Has some similarities to Space Engineers, Factorio, Factory Engineer, and Fortress Craft. I like the 3-D approach. Feels a little more relaistic than Fortress Craft. You can totally automate your mining/extraction into a forge. Move items from the forges to the presses, then into the manufacturing machinery and so on. You eventually build research labs and start researching fuel, spaceports then on to spaceships. I believe I should be building my spaceship tomorrow in search of deploying the singularity gate.

Its EA, so you have to take that into account, but there are no game stoppers, its just text, turorial, and a few minor mis-alignment things. This game is extremely solid, no crashes on 3 seperate types of systems. My hat is off to the developer, keep it up, this game will become very popular amongst the builders / explorers / survival game lovers. With Elon Musk talking about going to Mars, you can kind of live it now in the digital world.

Built the ship (the default one). Had to hook up all the pipes & wires so it could fly. Also had to get water, and fuel into to so it could fly. There must be a better way than just running pipes from the base to the ship, but I could not figure anything else out, so that is what I did. Hit the warp drive, and I was in space. Selected a system with a planet that had oil, and landed there. Now I am pumping oil into the oil tanks, but again, its all direct connect. I need some way of transfering to the ship without direct connecting the pipes. I will update as I learn more.. Factorio meets Fortresscraft Evolved. Game is still a bit rough around the edges, but it's early access, so that is to be expected. Overall gameplay is challenging and fun. Definitely worth the price.. I was very interested in this game but after 1 hour of coming to grips with it I saved progress. Since then every attempt to restart the game has produced a crash. There is no support I can find with developer and Steam is their normal dilatory self. Rather than wait for support which may not materialise I have requested refund. As final attempt i removed local content and reinstalled game. Steam is now asking me to purchase what is already in Games Library. This game can be very intereting i think and good. But it is becoming very frustrating. items don't connect corretly i feel. buildings shouldn't overlap. i will contineu to play because it has a lot to offer.. I like it, it has come along way, to bad its not a game where you can dig tunnels and stuff, but it still a good game.

Updates and Fixes #11:
Some Updates and Fixes:

  • Added new mineral: Titanium, Sulfur, Uranium, Oil, Quartz, Vanadium.
  • The player can gather the new minerals but can't use it yet, new machines will be add to the game soon.
  • Added new locations: Arid,Acid,Asteroid,Ice2 planets.
  • Improved Coal Power Plant 3d Model
  • Added New Textures to the Planets
  • Improved collision of minerals in the conveyor belt
  • Updated Lab Screen Material
  • Added Resolution 1280x960
  • Added Resolution 1360x768

Some Images:

Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience.. Steam Trading Cards:

Hi, I've been working hard to add the Steam Trade Cards and finally, are here!!!

I created 10 Steam trade cards. Each one is the concept of one of the machines of the game, the concepts were created by Joan, one of the main ilustrator that helped me a lot to develop the game.

Each card and concept has a long story. The story of a hard proccess in order to try to achieve a game that people could enjoy. Each machine was designed after a high number of tests and changes in order to fit well in the game, with a lot of love in every detail.

I could add a lot of more cards because I have a huge number of concepts, in the game there are around 300 objects, however the concepts selected for the Steam trade cards are the core of the game, where everything begun.

I added 5 icons that I think that will fit well and 6 backgrounds that if you see all of them you can watch some kind of story or progression of the game, I mean, since the player arrive to a new planet until the Singularity gate is built.

About the badges, they have also their own story, is how we started to think about the furnace of the game. Each one was discarded for a new one until we reach the furnace that we think could be perfect for the game. The fun fact is that none of them was added to the game, we had to make changes during the 3d modelling.

If you compare the concepts and the finals 3d models, you can see that we had to add or change things in order to fit well in the game.

List of Additions:. New Engine PREVIEW:
Finally the Game in the new Unreal 4 Engine is here. Updates and Fixes #36: Isometric Camera:
Isometric Camera:. Upgrading the Game Engine.:
Hi, I apologize about delay.

I'm upgrading the game engine, because the code compiler is having issues with the current game engine version 4.10. So I decided to upgrade to the newest, 4.18

I have been upgrading the game engine since before December. In the middle of January I finished to change all the game code in order to work with the new version. Adapting the code to the new version, was a huge work and I spent almost two months on it. I'm upgrading from the 4.10 version to 4.18, of the Unreal Engine 4.

Unfortunately, I can't upload the current build because the game crash in the build related to the players. The development build or debug build works well but the shipped build crash in something not directly related to the game code.

I know exactly where it crash in the code and I'm still working on fixing it but I tried almost everything and I spent more or less 3 weeks on it, and I think is better wait for the new 4.19 version that is in the preview phase.

So meanwhile I will fix some bugs related to the load of the savegames and other bugs.

When the new 4.19 is released I will start to upgrade again the game to the new version. if the bug in the new version continue, I will change to a lower version like 4.17, 4.16...

I'm sorry because I can't upload a new update on time and I think the new update will require more time to release. I hope the new version will fix the bug and I can continue fixing and improving things.

Thank you for your support and patience.. Update and Fixes #14:
Chemical industrial Update. Updates and Fixes #4:
Some Updates and Fixes:

  • Added Autosave when the player exits the game.
  • Added in Options Menu, a Game Menu where player can change Autosave settings.
  • Added when you select a weapon/tool in the inventory the mouse disappear.
  • Added Better transition day to night and vice versa.
  • Fixed the info in the craft menu, about Water Tank and Oxygen Tank.
  • Added SpaceShip Velocity Info when the player is using the Ship Controller.
  • Changed 3d model of the Ship Controller.

Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience. Updates and Fixes #43:
In this new update I focused on fixed some bugs and improve the problem related to the sun of the galaxy center map, decrease the time of the load of a save game, decrease number of asteroids that appear at the same time and more...

List of Additions:. Updates and Fixes #12:
Some Updates and Fixes:

  • Added Foundry: Now the player can drop ores over the foundry and melt in the core. The ingots will appear in the output. The player only have to put a conveyor belt in the output. This machine can be used with robotic arms too.
  • Fixed the issue of ores falling through the veins.
  • Changed Food Generator Model.
  • Added ingame messages, in order to guide the player during the first survival day in the game.
  • Added new material to the sun in the galactic map.
  • Changed the HUD of the planet info.
  • Changed HUD of Important Messages.
  • Improvement in the Light Environment, In the evening all the base is a little darker so the player can expect that the night will come soon.
  • Fixed the issue of the Automatic turrets shooting the scape pod and chests.
  • Added Player/Camera rotation when holding right click when the mouse is visible, Useful when the player is building and want to rotate.
  • Changed Night Skydome in some planets.

Some images of the Foundry and the New Food Generator:

Thank you for your support and thank you for your patience.

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