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Original Title: Shooting Orders!!

Genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Fantasy





































Lupin tries to take it easy while Zenigata went away for his big moment as a representative of ICPO. Butlittle did the Inspector knew is that Interpol gave secret order to a skilled gunman, named Beauty to take down Lupin. After Lupin saw how good Beauty was, Jigen told Lupin it be best not to mess with Beauty. Reason why was because Beauty almost killed Jigen a few years back trying to pull a heist. And he ran rather than face Beauty. Lupin has confidants that he's too good to get killed. But Jigen points out that beauty's gun has more accuracy than a Wather P38 because it's uses "dum" bullets. So will Lupin keep a distance from Beauty? or will he face Beauty even if it's suicide?
Beauty, there's nothing good looking about him.


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