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GlassWire visualizes all your network activity so you can improve your Internet connection quality, save bandwidth, and help protect your computer from malware. If any 5d3b920ae0

Title: GlassWire
Genre: Utilities
SecureMix LLC
SecureMix LLC
Release Date: 7 Jun, 2016

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

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For more techy savy people like myself I cannot with a straight mind recommend this software. Glasswire furfills its purpose to some extent. But the issue comes when you want to go more advanced. The issue lies in a mix between bad UI design and absence of features that you can find in other softwares. For example, when you have used the firewall for a while, you get this huge list of blocked applications that is in the same spectrum as the non-blocked. There is no way to search or sort the primary list which makes it a hassle to maintain. Other things like features to just see advanced information of the application wanting to connect. You get a notification asking you if you want to allow, but sometimes the application uses a shared exe which dosent really tell you where its located on your harddisk, with what commando this application is executed or even the PID. These things would be super usefule but are not present. Another issue I have is that, I use Glasswire on my gaming rig, my server and my laptop. On my laptop it tends to spinup in CPU usage, making the laptop run hot. I belive this is due to the "database" or rather, the ammount of data that I got. The data only gets larger for each and everyday I use my computers which is not really something I would like to have loaded in the memory, escpecially not if it affects the performance. As u03a7u03acu03bf pointed out in the comments; "Pay for it" Good point, I failed to mentioned that I bought the Elite version and used it since 7 Feb 2017 on 1 laptop, 1 mainrig and a server.. Needed a way to track network traffic and useage for my Main computer and my Windows 8 HTPC. Works like a charm and differentiates Local and Internet traffic. Mostly use this to make sure I don't go over my Comcast data cap that they forced on everyone.. lol end me try it. I initially downloaded the free version off their website then bought the basic version on Steam. Had a frustrating issue where the Steam version couldn't be activated and kept crashing. But those guys at GlassWire support are really amazing! Thanks Jon! Highly recommended.. Nifty app if you're keen to see detailed network activity, with great future potential. Initially on the pricey side, but given the devs aren't charging for future updates I feel it's worth the investment. I'm sure these updates will continue to improve the app, and from what I read in the Steam Discussions the devs are interactive and willing to consider constructive feedback for inclusion in future releases.

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