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Greedy Guns is a joyful, color-filled platformer that sprinkles elements of exploration on top of excruciating challenges. This arcadey, twin-stick shooter 5d3b920ae0

Title: Greedy Guns
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Tio Atum
Tio Atum
Release Date: 1 Sep, 2017

English,Portuguese,German,Simplified Chinese,French

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Simply the best!. For 3 guys making the game the scope is big GG dudes Easy to learn hard to master greedy guns is an exelent game that show us this beatiful art and retro style. The music is overthetop gg. Gameplay and lvl design wise its stupendus and the more you go into the harder it gets. I would like a shadow beneath the character and that first level needs some more artistic look because is bad comparable with the rest os the game and for new players may be bad to hook them up.. Welp, that satisfied my Run'N' Gun rage! The areas are well designed, the gameplay is fluid( which makes quite the difference between a good Run 'N' Gun and a mediocre one!) and above all else, CO-OP!!. quot;A spectacularly playable game, intense action, and seemingly overwhelming (but possible) odds. Lovely attention to detail, very reminiscent of classic NES games, but dfferent enough to stand out and carve out a fanbase of its own.. Wow what a refreshing new take on local multi-player coop. 2D platforming at its best!! Everything appears to have had an artists full and undivided attention. Gameplay is hard but incredibly challenging and keeps making me come back for more. Also great music and sound design.. Fun title which is however terribly optimized for middle/low end PCs as it lags terribly when things get messy even on the lowest settings. Has no in-game graphics options either. Gamewise, I appreciated the fact that when you're required to go in a differet direction than logical to reach an objective in the map, you're given feedback halfway through that you're on the right path so you don't feel like a total halfwit. It's also incredible how expressive they managed to make The Hand with (who would've thought!) just a hand. But that's not all: it goes all the way to give an explanation why there are huge bad monsters lurking about, and you find out pretty soon.. The boss fights are challenging and fun!. amazing game of the year love games like this one thinking of getting this game again so i the dev gets some money & give to my friend to enjoy it

New update - difficulty selection feature : Greedy Gunss new feature is the most popular request from our players. Turns out some of us dont have the same availability we used to have back in our early gaming years. We just dont have the time to perfect every move, to memorize each pattern, to pay every bill on time (not sure about the last one). So now Greedy Guns comes with a DIFFICULTY SELECTION screen! Yep, youll now get to choose whether you want it EASY (in case you are playing with the kids of course), NORMAL (as we played it and created it), HARD (if you like getting pummeled only to rise up just like Rocky). You can select difficulty on game start and DURING the game! So dial it down a bit if you need too or crank it up if thats your thing.. v1.05 update : Good news everyone! We now have Steam Cloud support! For all the less exciting patch updates, you can go to Here's the full list of changes on this update: added Steam Cloud support! revised portuguese localization texts revised french localization texts removed enemy from appearing again on the arena from the pit on the swamp level when backtracking fixed even more blocked up paths, now the backtracking is slighty more fascinating more minor bug fixes. v1.01 update : First but surely not the last update! Here are the changes: added spanish localization revised german localization texts revised french localization texts fixed the store gadget's notification appearing at the start when it shouldn't fixed coins not spawning when using the pull ability fixed cheeky walker having more HP than the rest on the labyrinthic swamp level fixed noisy roll from spawning on the same place as the respawning player on the caves level before the arena more minor bug fixes

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