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Original Title: In Old Mexico

Genge: Action,Adventure,Western

































Escaped criminal "The Fox" hates Hoppy and a Rurales colonel for imprisoning him and lures Cassidy to Mexico in order to exact his vengeance.
Some years before, a vicious criminal and master of disguise known as 'The Fox' is captured by Rurales Colonel Gonzalez and Hoppy working undercover. When 'The Fox' escapes from prison, he vows to exact vengeance from the two lawmen. He lures Cassidy south of the border with a forged letter from Gonzalez and murders Gonzalez in cold blood. Aiding 'The Fox' in his plans is his sister Janet, to whom the chivalrous Hoppy finds himself attracted.
Hoppy, Lucky and Windy are all in fine form as they are brought to Mexico under false pretenses. Lucky, as usual, falls for the pretty girl but in this case, it was for real and he married her in real life. The girl is Jan Clayton from the TV Lassie series and she is very very young (and she sings, too).

The Uber-villain is very well played by Paul Sutton. His voice seemed familiar and IMDb shows that he was the voice of Mounty Sgt. Preston on "olde timey" radio! The evil henchman is Glenn Strange, later employed as the bartender at The Longbranch Saloon in Dodge City where he mostly got to talk to Miss Kitty.

This time we get to go to "Old Mexico" and see the impressive scenery of Joshua Tree, CA. It's rather fun finding out just where these older westerns were filmed and more so when one has actually been to the locations.

Good plot. No cattle rustlers (yep, spoiler checked !), funny side story with Windy and a much married lady at the hacienda.

Recommended. It's the girls (Clayton & Amann) getting most of the screentime until the bang-up finale. Seems an outlaw, The Fox, lures Hoppy down Mexico way to exact revenge for sending him up in the good ole USA. Now our three heroes have to avoid traps The Fox and his sister lay for them. To me, it's just an okay Hoppy. I could use more antics from Windy and more action. Nonetheless, the girls are cute even if devious, the desert horizon is dramatic, and Boyd's an effective blend of charm and toughness. Then there's an unexpected twist with Windy and a long ride. Also, the main gunman is Glenn Strange familiar as Sam the bartender from the classic Gunsmoke series. All in all, it's an easy hour without being anything special Hoppy-wise.

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