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INVERSUS Deluxe is a competitive and cooperative arcade shooter with a mind-bending twist. Player movement is constrained to opposite colors of a black and white grid. My w 5d3b920ae0

Title: INVERSUS Deluxe
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, Strategy
Release Date: 16 Aug, 2016

English,French,Italian,German,Japanese,Korean,Russian,Simplified Chinese

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Very fast-paced and competitive! Most games like this, you'd think they were better as Multiplayer-Only games. Inversus, however, has an equally fast-paced single-player mode that people like me can enjoy. I recommend for anyone looking for a frantic, fun arcade game.. Very fun addicting indie game. great controller support.. There are two games in one. The solo arcade mode and the duel multiplayer mode. The solo mode is a great thinking/acting fast minimalistic game with reasonable challenge, simple yet powerful leveldesign and a good overall quick to the point game. And leaderboards. The duel mode is more like a jousting/fencing game with a fine tactical sense and a demanding awareness due to "warp" walls around playfields. Not the most profound game around, but a solid simple fast action game that will really shine as a party game.. This game was an unexpected pleasure and I have really enjoyed it so far, being an arcadey type game similar to a shooter version of othello where you can only move on your colour, changing opposing colours with your bullets and shooting the enemies which may appear. It has both versus and arcade modes with the ability to use local multiplayer and is great fun, if rather difficult to obtain high star ratings.. It is a pretty fun game, the mechanics are simple and it is easy to play, once u play it you wont stop, the only problem is that the game is a little but old and its almost impossible to find online players, but if you got friends and some controllers laying around you can play 1v1v1v1 or 2v2. FIRST OF ALL, game aside, I just want to say the developer is the coolest! I had a problem running the game with my Nvidia 930MX, and he helped me personally to identify the problem. Now for the game - it's really fun! I've fell in love with it. Play with a friend for maximum Awesomeness.. The game is an awesome idea. please give an option in solo to play against someone else, especially if they win a ton in a row. lvl 1 versus level 16 and the guy is taunting me with those dumb faces that I don't know how to do, really angers me deep down. I almost wrote a reallyoff review about it. Dunkey talked about this game in one of his videos on pax. really nice game but I had a few problems getting it started on my nvidia card. I updated it and now it will open. Once I closed it though it didn't allow me to reopen the game after I exited, so I guess I'll have to restart steam I guess to get it going again.

Update 1.3.5 - Combo display and minor polish : In arcade mode, there has always been a bonus for landing consecutive shots. It is an important system if you are fighting for the high score, but player analysis was required to learn about it. This update adds the combo bonus to HUD! You can find it to the left of the arcade multiplier and I hope it helps you chase those scores! Additional updates: The arcade multiplier display is larger and has simple color animations calling out when it increases or is lost. Laptops with high and low performance graphics drivers are now instructed to default to the high performance driver. Small improvements have been made to the directional accuracy of movement input. The audio for trying to fire with no ammo and for picking up ammo will play more consistently in networked games.. New INVERSUS Deluxe Demo! : INVERSUS now has a free demo on Steam! The demo supports local play against the computer and friends, while the full game is required to play online matches and view the leaderboards. In Versus mode, you can unlock the first two maps and play with up to four players! Computer players can fight at the 2-star difficulty tier - perfect for learning the ropes.. Patch Notes 1.6.2 : There's a new update with a few (small) improvements! Added support for V2 DualShock4 controllers. Reduced rate at which skill (number that RP is based on) uncertainty grows due to inactivity. This means that you will lose less RP due to a loss when returning to the game after taking a hiatus. Removed the bonus RP adjustment on the loser's end when there is a large upset. This means that if you defeat a player with much higher skill, you still get an extra boost up, but if you lose to a player of much lower skill, you do not get an extra boost down. Updated to the latest version of the Hypersect engine. This results in some performance improvements and reduced download size. It should not affect the actual gameplay (and hopefully did not introduce any bugs).. Patch Notes 1.5.12 : Another small patch hits today and it's all about balancing arcade map unlocks! The required star counts for unlocking earlier maps have been reduced, but the later maps are still just as hard to get.. Minor update 1.4.5 : Hold on - there's a new update and it's not the big 1.5 update? What gives?! Well, the upcoming 1.5 update has gotten even bigger (more on that in the near future) and I want to get some of the new additions tested out behind the scenes. Thats where this new build comes in! INVERSUS is now tracking skill in public versus battles and awarding (or deducting) Rank Points in the process. The goal is to have ranked multiplayer support front and center in game, but before I can do that I want to evaluate how well Ive tuned all the settings. If you want to try it out, you can actually check your rating on the web right now on this leaderboard ! I should also mention that if you need help finding a match, the community Discord group [] is a great place to meet active players.

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