The dull light fell more faintly upon the page whereon another equation began to unfold itself slowly and to spread abroad its widening tail. But the word and the vision capered before his eyes as he walked back across the quadrangle and towards the college gate. In spite of all he had done it. We recognize the new order in the world, with the closer contacts which progress has wrought. this was done Miles stood again with his hands in his little pockets and his back to me--stood and looked out of the wide window through which, that other day, I had seen what pulled me up. " They proved to be so indeed, but she could still blush, almost, to show it. He had never for a second suffered. All the fellows would be at the mass, dressed in black, all with sad faces. had neither bad name nor ill fame, and Mrs. --Aquinas, answered Stephen, says PULCRA SUNT QUAE VISA PLACENT. The mystery of esthetic, like that of material creation, is accomplished. All distinctions of birth or of rank have been abolished.

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