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Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf Download Rar File

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About This Game

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf is a next generation golf game from Perfect Parallel Studios an independent game developer and published by Perfect.Golf Inc.

High resolution visuals, highly accurate ball flight physics developed using state of the art launch monitors, Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf is the best simulation of golf released to date.

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf

Acclaimed golf course designer Jack Nicklaus—perhaps best known for his record 18 professional major championship victories in addition to his global portfolio of award-winning courses and host venues for the game’s most significant events - has teamed with Perfect Golf to bring you an all new Golf Game. Expect many of the great golf courses designed by Nicklaus to be released for Perfect Golf in the coming months as well as many designs that never made it to the real world

Game Play Modes

The default game comes with well over 20 different game play modes including StrokePlay, MatchPlay and Skins scoring methods and supports, many team based modes of play including Foursomes and Greensomes (Alternate Shot), Better ball and Scramble

In addition an online MOP editor will be made available post release to allow users to create their own modes of play and share them with the community


The game has an integrated multiplayer lobby with matchmaking and course checking to give you a seamless experience in finding online players to play against. Visit the lobby and join in the chat and find a game to play, or set up a private game for you and your friends using a password protected online game

Highly Accurate and Detailed Courses / Course Forge

The game comes with over 12 courses inclduing a driving range and a dedicated practice facility. All our official courses are fully georeferenced to the real world so the sun will rise and set in the correct place at the correct time for the day of the year.

Nicklaus Design Course Forge is our Golf Course design software and is used in house by Nicklaus Design for all their golf course designs. You will get to use the same tools that one of the most award winning designers of all time uses. While it will not available at release, pending the conclusion of negotiations with vegetation content developers it will be released very soon. Already there are many user course creations that have been created by the community for the community. Community developed content can be played in Perfect Golf so long as you keep your game updated to the latest version.

Advanced API for Tournament and Swing Integration

We have built an API for external tournament sites to be able to fully integrate into the game for online real time scoring and tracking. Tournaments set up on remote sites will show up inside the tournament lobby giving players a wide range of different tournaments to enter every week from public to private to official Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf Tournaments. In addition we also have an API to allow anyone to develop a hardware integration to Perfect Golf. Already people in the community are using these API to work on WII integration and other items. We have several official integrations with Launch Monitor companies and Simulator Systems Integrations are also in development.

Full Controller Support

The game comes with support for almost all controllers. We have not left Controllers as an afterthought, almost everything you can do with a mouse in the game you can do with the controller from moving your ball on the tee to aiming, dropping and moving between main and overhead cameras all without the need to have a pointer on the screen.

Multiple Camera Angles

We provide the player with many choices for Cameras. From the player camera, to the spectator camera to the follow camera there are many ways to watch the game unfold. In addition we have several different replay cameras to choose from after the shot has finished fully integrated into the multiplayer online experience.

Highly customisable Options

Whether you want to change the contrast, brightness or saturation of the golf courses, add a little vignetting, set up your sun rays and lens flares, add a sky scattering effect change the weather, change how far back the camera follows the ball etc pretty much everything is configurable inside the game.

Multiple Difficulty Levels and Swing Types

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf offers 5 difficulty levels and unlimited assist customisation to allow anyone to set the game up to play as easy or as difficult as they like. Do you like par to be a challenge or do you want to have a shot at birdie on every hole. Whatever your style Perfect Golf has a setting that will work for you.

We also have many different swing types from two swing meters to motion swing with the mouse to real time integrated swing with the controller or mouse. There are several simulation options too.

True Time Of Day

Configure the time of day you want to play and watch the lighting change as the day progresses. Not only that but everything is accurate to real life as the sun will move at the correct angle and rotation for the course being played assuming the course has been properly georeferenced in Course Forge.

Customisable Green Speeds and Course Conditions

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf offers totally customisable green speeds based on official STIMP measurements from 8 to 14. In addition there are three firmness settings that can be used to set up a different challenge each time you play.

The Free Camera

At any time engage the free camera and go for a wander around the golf course. While you are waiting for your opponent to hit you could be lining up your putt or taking a look down the hole at the green or simply moving to an aerial view of the course to watch your opponent hit. Our innovative free camera lets you take control of the way you want to watch the round unfold.

Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf has been designed from the outset to be a community driven game with regular content and feature releases based on player feedback. We have spent a long time in early access trying to get the game to be the best golf game on the market. We have incorporated many community suggestions during this process.

While Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf is still a work in progress we will continue to develop, update and imporve the game over time. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Sports, Strategy
Perfect.Golf, Inc.
Release Date: 3 May, 2016


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 core duo E8400 @ 3.00 Ghz. 3.00 Ghz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: DX9 compatible video card with 512MB video RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
  • Additional Notes: Windows XP requires Unicode to display in menu arrows. Also at minimum spec settings low graphics quality setting must be used in main menu


I am getting back into golf sims (had Links Pro for the Mac, now use Links 2003, and have tried Tiger Woods 08 and The Golf Club 2). This game is the least impressive golf sim I have played so far and I will be refunding it after I write this review.

I primarily use the real-time mouse swing in this and the other golf games I play. My biggest gripe with the swing in this game is that you can move the mouse back and forward in a super slow motion and you would be hitting the ball as if it were a full speed swing. In addition the swing analysis stats that show up as soon as you hit the ball in the practice driving range do not show up when you play a round. With no swing power meter as well, in stroke play it becomes a guessing game of looking at the animation of your golfer and hoping you don't overhit an approach past the green. Yes we can't accurately predict distance in real golfing either, but real golfers know how much swing speed and power their bodies are capable of when they swing. Computer golfers that swing with the mouse do not have such precise feedback so I feel indicators become more important for both realism and enjoyment.

The short game is another issue in Perfect Golf. You can note the leftward and rightward slope of greens, but there seems to be no way to tell the upward and downward slope, even with grids. I did not have that issue with any of the other golf games referenced in the top paragraph. I also get very little feedback when I putt as to how strong and weak my swing was. Finally if a putt is missed sometimes the slope indicated in the first putt's grid will disappear as if the slope did not exist. Basically the display of greens information is inconsistent from putt to putt.

This game's positives are the graphics and animations. It looks easy to play with others online, but I haven't tried it. Players wanting greater immersion will be disappointed with only one available male avatar, no career mode, and very limited solo play options. In addition settings for a stroke play are not saved each time you play, so it becomes annoying to have to look over the 15 or so options to try to remember exactly how you prefer to play.

I have to give Perfect Golf a negative review not because it isn't the best golfing game, but because the two major issues mentioned above take away the playability and immersion that even the basic 80's golfing games I have played for the Nintendo Entertainment System gave me. If you want a modern golf sim, I suggest The Golf Club 2 (not 2019) over this game. One thing is for sure: Perfect Golf will not replace Links 2003 as my go-to golf game.

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