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Original Title: Jackass

Genge: Action,Comedy,Reality-TV,Thriller


































The cast performs various crazy stunts for our amusement.
A reality show about a group of stunt men & extreme sport enthusists with high thresholds of pain. Each show consists only of videotapes of them performing stupid and dangerous stunts--standing in a porta-potty while it's turned upside-down, wrestling a bear while wearing a bear costume, and pretending to kidnap Brad Pitt.
"Jackass" is probably the most retarded TV show EVER...but I love it. I'm sorry, but the first time I saw it, I was laughing out loud at what these freaks were doing. Turning a porta-potty upside down with someone inside, diving in a sewage/c*** tank, driving 8 hours to a town called Mianus, beating the c*** out of your dad, mowing the lawn naked, putting a fake baby inside a car seat and sitting on the roof the car and driving away, just to see peoples reaction, is absolutally stupid, and makes these people live up to the title. But I love it, its funny, and sick, and retarded.
`Jacka - -` tells the tale of a group of friends who, as seen in a recent episode when one guy was shown several years ago getting flour thrown in his head, for years have been doing insane pranks to one another and doing their own kind of extreme stunts and games. Well, thanks to the geniuses over at MTV and what is no doubt a multi million dollar contract, we get to watch these guys do what ever it is they do to each other every week. It all started with the first episode, in which the star of the show and/or leader Johnny Knoxville tested three personal security devices on himself, pepper spray, a stun gun and a tazor. Needless to say it was the day the Three Stooges got a run for their money. But maybe saying that doesn't fit in, because anything the Stooges did was fake and scripted, what the fellows at Jacka - - do is real, and painful, and hysterical. When Johnny was hit with the two projectile darts from the tazor and electrocuted to a certain extent, `poo' almost exited my body due to the fact I was laughing extremely hard. Dozens of stunts later, they keep getting better and more funny. The current king would have to be Steve-O, as he got his bunghole pierced together. You owe it to yourself to watch this show at least once, it's a bunch of today's youth doing what we all do best, having fun in a way most grownups don't want to understand.

Like all the previous videos, easily-copyable scenes needed to be removed for its release in the UK. One scene at the beginning of the video shows that Steve has always enjoyed getting choked till unconsciousness, even as a teen. Similar to the third one, especially the younger audience shouldn't watch that because it's not the healthiest thing one can do to the brain / the brain cells so it got removed. Furthermore, there's a little recap to that scene at the end. It got removed as well - for obvious reasons. And contrary to the Don't Try This At Home trilogy (at least the German releases contains the uncensored US-Versions), there's no uncensored European release available. The German DVD with additional German, French and Dutch subtitles contains is identically censored - the same in France and the Netherlands.


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