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An evil robot named Dron, was ordered to kidnap humans, but a young man managed to escape the clutches of Dron, his name is Aike.
Kabitis realized what had happened and decided to go after Dron and rescue the prisoners. Aike decides to join Kabitis in your search.

You can play up to two players and use gamepad.
It has about 30 stages, including bonuses and additional arenas phases that can be unlocked for the Battle Mode.
In another additional feature that can be unlocked.

During the story mode you can collect crystals, buy items from the store,
Make points, fighting enemies, Kabitis and Aike become more stronger.

You can buy bees, each has its function.
You can buy and sell time, for each phase has a timer that Dron put the exit gates.

The game has a variety of items such as the magic box.
And beware of the thorns, by touching them you get hurt or may even poison!
If something happens that you just take a little juice, but be quick.

Kabitis is a fun game that brings new challenges at every step and if you are having trouble getting somewhere
or want to achieve something that is difficult to achieve, you can use the tools of the store, such as New Platforms so you can build your own way. b4d347fde0

Title: Kabitis
Genre: Action, Adventure, Casual, Indie
André Bertaglia
André Bertaglia
Release Date: 2 Jun, 2016


I think this is what happens when you combine the fever-dream of a rock-loving lemon person with an incredibly strange and horrifically designed game. During the minutes I spent playing the game before I requested a refund, I encountered:

- inconsistent collision detection (the player character would sometimes half-disappear into solid objects, and some enemies had erratic (in-)vulnerabilities when jumped on)

- a confusing "shop" menu that plopped itself on top of the action, freezing you<\/i><\/b>, but allowing everything else to continue, including approaching\/attacking enemies

- sluggish, micro-stuttery performance despite the game's obvious disinterest in visual fidelity

- lack of any options (no rebindable keys or anything of the sort)

- horrifying art direction, echoing the darkest days of XBLIG

- no Steam Cloud support, but by this point, I didn't really care all that much

While I do have a soft spot for simple platformers, it's not quite soft enough to overlook this many shortcomings.. Hmm. Okay. After suffering Bibou and Jumpball, I braced myself and loaded up Kabitis...yet another game by the same developer....and...it's not entirely atrocious.

Don't get me wrong - it's still terrible. But not as utterly awful as the two previously mentioned games. The controls are still shockingly bad and the level design is still haphazard....but the graphics are a little more restrained. I guess Andr\u00e9 Bertaglia is learning that a light touch works better....there's less clashing between the foreground and the background, and there are a few nice touches such as the sad faces the enemies have when you jump on them (even if you can't tell at a glance what you can walk on and what you can't).

The music isn't too bad either. Might not be to your taste, but I didn't mind having it on in the background while I clocked up the runtime for the trading cards. Still didn't want to play it past level three though. And the "shop" system is needlessly complicated and confusing.. Another Mario ripoff.... Even with the negative reviews I decided to try Kabitis. I purchase a lot of platform games because it's one of my favorite genres so I tried to give this game a fighting chance but it's just not a good game.

The control design and mobility of the character is bad and the game is just plain buggy. I would have enough lives and it would randomly kick me back to the start of the level in the middle of the level. This happened three times in one go and I was done.

Not to say that everything about the game is horrible though. The level design is decent looking and it's what drew me to buy the game and ignore all the negative reviews in the first place. Big mistake. The negatives sadly out-way anything positive about the game. Honestly if this game didn't cost me .74 cents I would have probably refunded it.

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