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Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 2 Keygen Generator

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Following on from the success of the first Community Weapon Pack, we asked the IJC crew to think up something to match with the whole Steampunk theme for the summer event. And they rose wonderfully to the challenge. So we now have a delightful set of Steampunk-styled weapons for you - with more community modders able to earn some real dosh!

Key Features:

  • Dr T's Lead Delivery System: Referring to this as a "Steampunk Tommy Gun" would be an injustice. It is far more elegant than that and deserves better. "Doctor John T. Thomson's Lead Delivery System" sounds so much more appropriate. Commando's around the world will understand and applaud!
  • Orca Bomb Propeller: The Demolitions experts amongst you will appreciate the glorious new Orca Bomb Propeller, designed completely with you in mind. Pops a single, delightfully explosive bomb downrange, to land at the Zeds' feet with a quite charming BOOM.
  • Single Piston Long Musket: A Sharpshooter always appreciates fine craftsmanship - and the new Long Musket, with attached Sight Magnification and Enhancement Tube, is, indeed, fine craftsmanship. Piston-driven, bolt-action, magazine-fed Steam Musket. Superb accuracy and hitting power as well. Perfection.
  • Multi-Chambered Zed Thrower: Last, but by no means least, we have the Zed Thrower for the Support ladies and gentlemen amongst us. Fires a fine load of buckshot at the oncoming hungry hordes and has become known as the "Zed Thrower" for its quite hilarious ability to throw the Zeds about the place as it dismembers them.

Title: Killing Floor - Community Weapon Pack 2
Genre: Action
Tripwire Interactive
Tripwire Interactive
Tripwire Interactive
Release Date: 3 Jul, 2013


  • OS: Windows XP/Vista
  • Processor: 1.2 GHZ or Equivalent
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: 64 MB DX9 Compliant
  • Hard Drive: 2 GB free hard drive space
  • Sound: DX 8.1 Compatible Audio


Steampunk! Its Steampunk!
That is all.

Get it now!!. ... i bought this because i could. for now.. Overall 5\/5

You don't just want this DLC. You NEED it. You have to have it. You gotta have it. You MUST own it. It's THAT good.

THIS IS THE GREATEST DLC WEAPONS PACK EVER CONCEIVED BY ANYONE EVER. These weapons are fun, unique, novel, BEAUTIFULLY designed, and SHINEY. I found that I spent a lot of time just marveling at the beautiful textures on the guns.

Multi-Chambered Zed Thrower 2\/5<\/b>
A bit of a miss with this one. It is purely a gimmick gun at this point. It's quite weak, has very little ammo and therefore not practical to use in the field at all. Though it's secondary fire is a knock back with infinite ammo. I can't say the small back of pressurized air is particularly useful though.

Single Piston Longmusket 6\/5<\/b>
This is my FAVORITE weapon on killing floor. I hated sharpshooter prior to this gun. This gun has the most satisfying headshots out of any other gun. It's sights are a bit off, as the true center of the retical is actually in the middle of the arrow, and not the tip of the arrow. This gun in the hands of a high level sharp shooter is DEVASTING. Imagine a semi automatic lever action rifle that has a higher headshot damage modifier, and reloads from a cartridge instead of individual bullets. Once trained to use it, you will feel completely broken.

Doctor T's Lead Delivery System 5\/5<\/b>
This is my go to weapon on my level 6 comando. I sell my AK at the start to buy this gun. It has a clip of 50 on a level 6 comando, which lets you fire and never stop. It's got amazing headshot capabilities much like the bullpup, and good range as well. It has the combined long ranged headshot abilities of a bullpup but the shotgun ability of an AK-47 all wrapped up into one neat little gun.

Orca Bomb Propeller 5\/5<\/b>
Every demo needs to have the capability of choosing this weapon. The grenades on this grenade launcher BOUNCE. Which means you can do trick shots. On narrow cornered maps you can bounce of walls to hit your targets. Hit your targets behind walls, over cover, down and around cornered stairs, you name it. This weapon is not suitable for every map, but on tight maps, you'll wish you had this gun. Every demo knows that tight maps are suicide for a demo, but a skilled orca user can use demo on any map.. If you're leveling the commando, this pack is a must! Dr. T's Lead Delivery system kicks butt!
And, hey, each weapon is only $ can afford it.. This is with no doubt the best community weapon pack of all 3 of them.
I highly reccomend buying this when it's on sale.
If you are doubting wether or not to buy this, here is a description of what every gun in this pack does:

This DLC contains 4 weapons;

Single piston long Musket - In my opinion, the best and most fun weapon to use in whole Killing Floor. It has 10 shots per mag which there are 7 of, it works just like the Lever Action but with more damage, a scope and it reloads all the shots at once instead of 1 at a time. If you enjoy sharpshooter, you will fall in love with this Musket.

Dr. T's lead delivery System - Oh boy is this weapon fun to use, it's silent and does a great amount of damage.
It has 40 bullets per mag, which goes up to 7.
It's pretty much the same as the thompson but then with increased damage, and it's look way cooler.
This weapon is GREAT for a secondary as medic and sharpshooter, it deals a lot of damage in a short amount of time and it's not heavy to carry (Just 5 blocks).

Orca Bomb Propeller - Bouncy explosives balls shooting out of a golden orca grenade launcher, do I need to say more?
This one is probably the favourite of many expert demolitions players (Which I'm not one of :p), you can do a lot of fun stuff with bouncy explosives. A lot. It has a total of 25 shots, slow reload time but does a great amount of areal splash damage.

Multi-Chambered Zed Thrower - Honestly I haven't tried this one out so much, but from what I've seen you can knock enemies back by using the special fire key, it has 10 shots per mag, up to 4 mags, has a lower spread which makes it for effective for long range and thus means more damage if used correctly in normal\/close range.
You'll need to get used to this weapon though, thats for sure.
But the whole idea behind it sounds awesome.


Community Weapon Pack 2, in my opinion the best one, you should buy it when it's on sale.
If you want information about a weapon in this pack, please read the description above about that certain weapon.
I hope this helped deciding for you wether to buy this or not. Cua!

. The Community Weapon Pack 2 for Killing Floor<\/a> has a steampunk theme, but the weapons are pretty enough that they get a pass for the overused aesthetic, and two of them are useful enough for me to label this a useful DLC like weapon pack 1. I wouldn't say this DLC is essential like the first one, but it's more useful than weapon pack 3 is. I kind of wish they had stuck with Killing Floor's theme of dark, gritty modern day survival, but KF1 is campy enough that it manages to work anyway.

Buy it for the musket and the bomb propeller; consider the steampunk Tommy gun (sorry, "lead delivery system") a bonus and ignore the zed thrower on Hard difficulty or above. Buy it on sale, though: it's still a Killing Floor DLC.

Dr T's Lead Delivery System: A Tommy gun with a drum magazine, slightly better accuracy and a slightly slower reload than the one in the first weapon pack. If you can get used to the steam shooting out near the ironsights whenever you fire, this is a good earlygame primary weapon or lategame sidearm for Commando.

Orca Bomb Propeller: Literally an M79 grenade launcher that lets you bounce grenades, which are shaped like little bombs. Does less damage than the other grenade launchers and has a shorter range, but the latter actually lets you arc your shots like you're firing a mortar. Overall, it's a good tactical sidegrade that's fun to use and lets you pull off some useful moves such as firing around corners.

Single Piston Long Musket: An upgraded version of the lever-action rifle with a scope and magazine. Also fun to use and useful in the hands of a good Sharpshooter, although the scope sight is a little off: apparently the true center of the reticle is in the middle of the arrow, and not the tip of the arrow. Not great at crowd control, so pack a sidearm if you can.

Multichamber Zed Thrower: Easily the worst weapon in this DLC. It's...

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