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About This Game

Lavapools is a hardcore arcade game where you will dodge death in a rising hell!
No weapons. Only dodging, pure skill and understanding regular patterns.

Title: Lavapools
Genre: Action, Indie
4EdgesGames, Visumeca
Plug In Digital
Plug In Digital
Release Date: 4 May, 2016


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Silly, Fun, well polished, hardcore game.. Wow. Dark souls with crabs and lava.Well except it is actually wayyyy harder. Very addictive and challenging. Music is top notch too.. Oh my, This game is a really great, Now if you dont like hard games, then i do not advise you play this, cause you will want to rip the creators thorats, im in level 5 and ive gotta say the game looks easy, untill you start getting to the harder levels, you will absolutly hate bats, saws, Octopuses and much more, This game is a really good 8-Bit and Nostalgic old fashion game, that you will love, i highly assure that you will have fun with this game, but at the same time hate it, it is really awesome, Some other things are it has really good music, and a story to follow through the game.. The best crab murder simulator on the market today.. Wow. Dark souls with crabs and lava.Well except it is actually wayyyy harder. Very addictive and challenging. Music is top notch too.. Great little game for those who like a challenge and dont mind dying many times to achieve victory. Fun theme and characters with good presentation and controls. While the levels are similar and the only mechanic being dodge bats, blades and spinning. extended. arrow thingys, there is 3 different level types to keep it interesting. The scaling difficutly is very well balanced ending on a super challenging boss battle. You have to collect 25 green. things to unlock the portal to the next level. As you collect more, the level gets harder by spawning more bats, spinning blades, etc. When you die, you start over but half of your collection from the previous level spawns as a tombstone in a random location on the map. This adds a ton of great risk/reward strategy to the game. Very cool game worth the price of addmission.. You will hate bats for the rest of your life if you play this game. An Analysis of Lavapools Recommendation for people who like rage games/games that require skill and have lots of player death: 10/10 Recommendation for people who aren't into that stuff: 5/10 Overview: Lavapools is a top-down rage game. You are a crab, trying to get your son back who has been stolen by an octopus who is designing traps for you. Lavapools has 3 gamemodes on several levels: 1. Procedural The most common gamemode. You collect gems from gem spawn points, and as you get more gems the world gets more hazardous. At 25 gems the door opens to end your progress and save your score, but you can keep collecting gems. When you die, you drop about half of your gems in one little pile and can pick them back up when you respawn (with 0 gems, of course). The hazard level/rank/music also resets when you die. The levels in this gamemode are the smallest compared to other gamemodes. 2. Maze Gems are already spawned in and do not respawn at special spawn points. There are several banks located around the map, and walking over one stores any gems you may have collected so you don't lose them if you die, and it also becomes your spawn. The banks are not sepa

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