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About This Game

Life Combinations is advanced sandbox style life simulator with level of difficulty set to the point, that cooking typical cereals with milk is quite a challenge!

You must lead your character through every smallest aspect of everyday life, starting with applying toothpaste on toothbrush, ending with picking up a super model girl in your new super-fast car. Life Combinations difficulty depends on that, every action is extremely complex, there are not tutorials here, you have discover individual combinations of items yourself, to build a server for digging bitcoins or to cook five star dinner. In this game, you don’t just click „Go to work” button, you must go to the office manually, find a boss, ask what you have to do today and try to complete the order as soon as possible. You do all the activities by combining the right items with yourself, which is more than a few thousand! What give you tens of thousands of possible combinations!

At the end, as for the super models, yes, you can pick up girls here, but watch out! It's very easy to became friendzoned.

Okay, so what's going on in Life Combinations mechanics? To do every interaction in game (like washing, cooking, etc...) you have to combine two items.
For example to wash teeth you have to first combine toothbrush with toothpaste, in result you will have toothbrush with paste. Then you can use it on sink, so in result you will wash teeth!

Okay, but brushing your teeth is the simplest action in the game. In Life Combinations there are many other more complex tasks, such as, for example, practicing your own garden.


Title: Life Combinations
Genre: Casual, Indie, Simulation, Early Access
Awix Studio
Awix Studio
Release Date: 26 Apr, 2019


Jobs salary rebalance:
We change some jobs salary:

Chef: 20$ -> 24$
Postman: 2$ -> 4$
Pizza maker: 4$ -> 5$
Beginner: 10$ -> 18$
Semi advanced: 18$ -> 30$
Advanced: 32$ -> 45$
Lumberjack: 2$ -> 3$
Grassmower: 2$ -> 6$
Gravedigger: 4$ -> 3$
Corpo rat: 7$ -> 9$ (salary on start)

The rest unchanged.. New Content Update - Small changes for beginners:
In all:
- Added 12 items
- Added 6 interactions

For beginners:
- Added new info about happy in instructions
- Added new info about friends and relations in instructions
- Added small advice about first steps at the beginning of the game at normal difficult level
- Added road signs to market
- Now you can ask NPC for the address of the given place

Teeth system:
- Now if you do not care about the teeth for a long time, you will lose the possibility of having a conversation and you will be forced to visit the dentist.
- Added dentist cabinet
- Added dental floss
- Added Book: Dentist Tutorial - We plan to add avaible dentist job in future update

- Now construction site next to market looks more realistic, we added some barriers and construction equipment
- Rebuilding library

- Now you can force someone to give you money by knife
- Now you can force someone to date with you by knife

- Added shark

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