Making History: The Calm And The Storm Gold Edition Hacked

Making History: The Calm And The Storm Gold Edition Hacked

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About This Game

Making History: Calm & the Storm Gold Edition is a turn-based grand strategy classic. Play against the world or join an alliance. Attempt to alter history or replay it. This release includes many game updates, key improvements to strategic and tactical gameplay, and features a new Germany focused scenario: "The Rise of the Reich". In addition to managing the military, players must build, supply and grow a modern industrial base in order to field forces capable of victory. The decision to expand factories, research new weapons or recruit more units is in the hands of the player. War will come and the nation must be prepared.


  • Clean, intuitive interface and gameplay make this one of the easiest grand strategy games to learn, and the open nature of the game combined with the ability to play as any one of over 80 nations offer endless replay-ability.

  • Gold Edition adds new military unit properties and gives you the ability to rename units, preset rally points and set way-points for more tactical movement. Regions can upgrade defenses, transportation, and food production simultaneously. Better financial reports let you manage your treasury more easily.

  • Different victory conditions available: Nation, Alliance, or Ideological (Democracy, Communism, Fascism, or Authoritarianism) You can also go for a domination victory and set the percentage of land you need to control to win the game.

  • Ten scenarios included with multiple starting points before and during the war. Plus alternate history and the fantasy scenarios.

  • Research, build and deploy a wide variety of ships, submarines, artillery, infantry, tanks, armored vehicles, fighters and bombers. Also research tactics like maneuver warfare, hedgehog defense and amphibious assaults to give your forces bonuses.

  • Decide how much of your production is used to generate wealth, stockpile arms, build military units, conduct research, or construct more factories.

  • Players control trade, aid, industrial development, infrastructure investments, and a deep field of research.

Title: Making History: The Calm and the Storm Gold Edition
Genre: Simulation, Strategy
Muzzy Lane Software
Factus Games
Release Date: 30 Jul, 2008


This is by far my favorite WWII strategy game. for its great diversity in game play makes almost every game diffrent. For i tend to play more as Germany, and most of the time i employ a similar stratagy; which is to bulid up industry, as to allow for mass production of primaraly tanks. But even though i make similar choices in my game play, the AI usially behaves slightly diffrently.
For somtimes the AI may field a primaraly defensive army, and other times it may field a primaraly offensive army; the same can be said about other countries foreighn policys.
However what ever the AI does they always play a smart game, being tactically aware of every move you make, and doing there best to counter, resulting in a challenging game every time.

Also as for playing as the smaller nations it can be a struggle, for i have been recently playing as Canada and aside from the lack of raw materials, the small population makes it impossible to industrialize every one of your citys. But where others see this a negative, i see this more of a positive. for it trys to keep things historically accurate, by limiting smaller nations. However that being said i was still able to conquer Japan, all of Africa, and most of Europe as Canada. Mind you i did not accomplish all of this before 1945, but it does show it can be done.

Over all i would recomend this game to all stratagy lovers, especially those who have playes Axis ans Allies, for this game has a very similar feel, for although it does not let you command individual regiments in a battle, its attantion to detail when it comes to the global map, and all of the little things such as city development, research, and resource management results in a rich but not overly complicated game play.. Making history was good, we can all agree on that. But this version takes it to a whole new level. The small, yet important changes make this game the supreme basic Making history. One of the easiest gaes to pick up and play with ease if you are a veteran to the RTS genre. 10 billion times less confusing than hearts of iron 3. get this game for a grand old time, and the great war if your into micromanaging huge nations to incredibly long battles. This game is for the impatient. The Great War, is for the hard core RTSer. Overall 9\/10. 10\/10 WOULD FRANCE AGAIN.. I love turning that awful mix match of colors into a nice dull Grey. Making history gold is an extended and updated version of making history : The calm and the storm.

I personally prefer making history gold over Making history 2 : The war of the world.

Its basically making history the calm & the storm with some of the elements of the war of the world , but with an easier system , so its easier to manage your nation.

I also wasnt a fan of the new design of how the world looked , this still has the old look and feel of making history the calm & the storm so thats a nice add for me personally.

I've been a fan of the series for years and own both none steam versions too , and i've put a lot of hours in the game.
for the low amount you pay for the game its most definitly worth it !
. Overall this game can be really fun, but as time goes on on it gets slightly boring. It has A lot of potential if they were to add in steam workshop. As of right how its fun but could be better. 7\/10

edit: you can find mods on their website!!!

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