Mango Cart Ativador Download [key Serial]

Mango Cart Ativador Download [key Serial]

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About This Game

Mango Cart is about trading mangoes between two countries.

Buy the fruit stock in the producing country or grow it yourself, arrange the transportation and sell the final production in the receiving country. You can choose who to buy from and who to sell to, as well as the shipping vessel.
But this is not the whole story: you need to keep your employees happy, take sound financial decisions, watch out for unforeseen troubles and potential game-ending scenarios.

The context plays a decisive role and will impact the success of your company. The macroeconomic and political developments of the single countries affect prices as well as public perception.
Remember, every move that you make, every context-driven event that happens, has an impact on your company and will manifest sooner or later.

Choose your own path: a greedy profit-centric corporation or a social and environmental conscious company. It all depends on you.

Mango Cart is a turn-based game: every month you get mandatory tasks to complete and events to check before advancing to the next stage. Additionally, a number of actions are available to you at any time, and a set of external events will pop-up when you least expect them.

There are several game-ending scenarios but no game-winning target. You can potentially play the game endlessly. At the start of each new year your performance is compared with 4 your competitors: this is where you can check if your company is progressing as expected.

Expect more features, new and enhanced game mechanics with the upcoming releases…

...and join the community or simply contact AkriGames to suggest new events or things you would like to see added to the game. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Mango Cart
Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Release Date: 25 Mar, 2019


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