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About This Game

This is a escape game
There are literal narratives in each stage of the game
With those narratives, the player manipulates the character to find a way out of that phase
It is possible to choose the right exit or to walk in the right order
Different stages have different ways to leave
How to reach the next stage
What is the next stage?
Let us experience it!

This is a personal development, design, hand painted game
The author uses different abstract hand-drawn styles to express the different life stages of the process
From birth, young children, school, to the community and so on
Study hard, go to school, work well, be a good citizen, and then?
In accordance with the social values and the country's instructions go, the result?
Modern is a time full of possibilities
We face the impact of the times alternating
Can we find our own way in this age? b4d347fde0

Title: Missing Road
Genre: Casual
Willie Li
Willie Li
Release Date: 31 Jan, 2018

English,Simplified Chinese,Traditional Chinese

Very short (about 15 minutes) but interesting puzzle game. I can not tell very much because that would destroy the playthrough. I like it very much. The price is too high for that playtime. I recommend the game, but i would not pay the full price.

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