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About This Game

The most secure prison facility in the country
is under attack ...
The city mayor called personally and asked you to take care of this problem.
You are Jake, ex-military and a member of Team .

Mission: Demolition is a modern action game with a lot of justified pixel violence and the clever platforming.


7 massive stages
Ultra-sharp and detailed pixel art
Super-tough boss fights
Very reasonable number of powerful guns
Great accompanying music
Top secret locations
Spectacular explosions
Pure old-school awesomeness 6d5b4406ea

Title: Mission: Demolition
Genre: Action, Indie
Quantized Bit
Quantized Bit
Release Date: 27 Oct, 2017


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same good as HG. This game is so far the worst game I have ever played. But It's not like It's the worst game in the world. It's a 2D shooter I bought since I got one of those Coupons from crafting badges.

Decent 74/100
I play it when bored. recommend by the full price if u don't afraid of pixels and death
comparing with broforce as seen in other reviews not correct, only first level feels the same - the rest of the game u won't shoot as hell
i like alll the bosses, u can't destroy them just firing your guns, there are patterns and weak places you should discover. Mission Demolition is fun. It has high-action run-and-gun gameplay with smooth controls, cathartic violence, a large selection of varied weapons, and an unobtrusive sense of humour. It has plenty of secrets to hunt for, which often involves a certain amount of strategic play. It's challenging but not hard, except for the bosses. All in all, I think it's well worth the price and definitely recommend it.

The biggest weakness of the game is that things that can damage you can look similar, even identical to things that are harmless. When the screen fills up with explosions it's easy to lose track of things, which lead to a large fraction of my deaths. Also, I played the studio's earlier Prison Run and Gun, and there's not a huge amount of evolution from the earlier game; some extra weapons and maybe slightly larger levels. However, neither of these things prevent me having a positive opinion of this game.. A real game for real gamers.. My controller doesn't work.

I have OSX and a wired XBOX 360 controller. The left stick is working but none of the buttons work. I tried changing the controller settings from the menu but no luck.

Please help. I want to play so bad.. I can sense Contra and Megaman vibrations all over this game but It is still quite unique. If only devs could use a different graphic style - pixelart like this is getting old ( in fact it is like 2 decades old ! )
Nice explosions and cool guns - you can really feel the bullets impact.
. It has potential to be another "BroForce" but it lack the style and rhythm to be that great.

Otherwise, atmosphere and artwork, also gameplay work pretty good.

But I still refund because it's not fun at all.. This game is so ♥♥♥♥ing good - I wish I could afford it.. have to give it back soon.. *sniff

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