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Morphite is a casual atmospheric FPS, set in a low poly stylized universe.

This is the story of Myrah Kale, a young woman whose life takes a sudden turn when a simpl 5d3b920ae0

Title: Morphite
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Crescent Moon Games, We're Five Games, Blowfish Studios
Crescent Moon Games
Release Date: 20 Sep, 2017


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Looks like NMS,plays like Metroid Prime. Lots of fun! Love the low poly graphics and the music is top notch and atmospheric! Really enjoy exploring all the planets! very chill game!. Can't rebind controls (prompted button doesn't work) Refunding. If you can't put in rebindable keys then stop making games altogether.. Really cool game, similar to no man's sky. for the price is fun and really diverse.. not too far in, but its a fun game with some bugs that need fixing, definatly has potential though. The game goes a bit slow gameplay wise, but I feel like with the atmosphere and environments its a good kind of slow. The story is paced out fairly quickly, and there's a fair bit to do without giving you too much to micro manage. Like a number of people Ive looked at have said, it does feel like a simplified No Man's Sky that gives you something to do involving a story. Would recommend.. So far this game has been fun. Lot's of quests and interesting planets to discover. Very similar to No Man's Sky, but feels more alive than that game had felt.. This game surprised me quite a bit, knowing it was an IOS game i didn't expect to put 21 hours into it. Combat is pretty simple, you see enemies you shoot em up, for a while you'll have just a pistol but things get a little more interesting when you get the charge laser. There are shops littered around on planets and space stations where you upgrade your weapons damage, fire rate and accuracy etc. You can only get new weapons by doing story missions though so if you want to do a lot of exploration early on you'll probably end up upgrading your pistol quite a lot. In addition to the weapons you get some gadgets such as a grappling hook and a wand that generates holo platforms, these items become integral to the missions after you get them so you'll have plenty of opportunities to use them and they switch up the gameplay a bit too. The exploration is pretty cool too, if you like the graphics you'll like seeing how different environments are represented by this graphic style. Scanning plants and critters might become tedious over time for some but i found it kind of addicting early on. Only thing i didn't really like was the space combat, you cant really maneuver the ship at all, you have a dodge button which tilts the ship but i didn't find it that useful Also i want to praise the developers for the story line and characterization in this game, it isn't complicated or complex but i found it kind of wholesome. The main character Myrah reminded me a lot of April Ryan from The Longest Journey games.

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