That has the true scholastic stink. This was the commanding verdict of the people, and it will not be unheeded. The work which we are doing there redounds to our credit as a nation. "Do you mean he's a stranger?" "Oh, very much!" "Yet you didn't tell me?" "No--for reasons. shocked him to find in the outer world a trace of what he had deemed till then a brutish and individual malady of his own mind. For the pious and believing catholic, for the just man, death is no cause of terror. It was not a presumptuous assurance, but a calm faith, springing from a clear view of the sources of power in a government constituted like ours. The wide playgrounds were swarming with boys. first cousin, Fonsy Davin, was stripped to his buff that day minding cool for the Limericks but he was up with the forwards half the time and shouting like mad. "Oh, never known him-- I don't pretend THAT!" I was upset again. --Many persons have doubts, even religious persons, yet they overcome them or put them aside, Cranly said. Let us exercise forbearance and firmness.

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