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NOTE: While this app has all the features mentioned here, it is still in active development: adding new features, game profiles and fixing problems. So don't hesitat 5d3b920ae0

Title: Natural Locomotion
Genre: Simulation, Utilities
Release Date: 7 Apr, 2018


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Processor: Intel™ Core™ i5-4590 or AMD FX™ 8350, equivalent or better
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I can't get over how much this improved my playing experience. The regular in-game locomotion always makes me feel like I'm on a little go kart riding around the mountains. Now I feel like I'm involved in walking. It's also great if you get any motion sickness. I got the physical mechanics all figured out in about five minutes. In my experience, I end up moving through the world a lot slower using this, just because it feels so much more natural. Running backwards is a touch tricky, but again this adds an element of realism.. I bought it for Skyrim after testing the free demo and I love it! I won't play SkyrimVR without it anymore and for me Natural Locomotion was worth it even if I should only ever use it in that single game (I am sure I will use it in other games too though).. When the vive knuckles get released a lot of people are going to buy this.. This method of locomotion should be by default used in all VR games. Very immersive even if it looks a bit goofy, but hey VR usually does. Helps a lot with movement related nausea. I highly recommend this tool for all VR players. Especially for those who suffer from motion sickness.. I'm still fine with teleporting in most VR games. It's not a requirement for me to have slidey motion in VR like the old pancake days. Budget Cuts demo is still my favorite VR experience. But I will say that for certain games I always pined for a more interactive way to emulate sliding without compromising immersion or comfort. NaLo and Skyrim gives me just that, and it has been exhilarating in half hour bursts. Before this, I'd never get to a place where I'd been long enough in the world before I wanted to fall back to the couch. Hopefully that'll improve as I get some tolerance, but for now, am very happy to have this wonderful tool -and looking forward to applying it to other games as well.. This is a must for any VR games. Locomotion will never feel the same. Try the demo and you will see what I mean.. This software allows you to have a familiar and comfortable way of moving around in a constantly-updating list of games and softwares to choose from, and it works with Windows Mixed Reality headsets. It is well worth the price and has made my VR much more interesting. Walking, running, and sprinting has never felt more practical and easy-to-understand in virtual reality until I gave this program a try.

Mere days before release! : MERE, I say! Weebish Mines will drop this Friday, April 21st for everyone. In addition to being a tough, old school Metroidvania it'll also be 20% off the already low retail price of $2.99. So what can you get instead of Weebish Mines this Friday? 2 McDonalds hashbrowns 3 donuts at Dunkin Donuts A few tubes of an acrylic paint set 1/3 cup of a small Starbucks anything If you could buy Weebish Mines 14 times for your friends, you could've also named a star at Star , but honestly that's the stupidest thing ever. If you could buy Weebish Mines 169,583 times for your friends, you could have also bought a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4, and then we'd all smack you.. Tell your friends! : May 19th is just around the corner.. Ladder Bug- Fixed! : The recent not recommended review of Weebish Mines mentioned there was a ladder bug where placing a ladder down next to a door got the guys stuck. Since I'd never heard of this before I asked for more info and then tried it myself and it's true: If you tried to place a ladder down while standing almost on top of any door this would happen. It's funny what thousands of hours testing can miss sometimes. Luckily I was able to fix this issue in about 5 minutes, which has now been rolled out to you guys. If only all problems could be solved so fast! So remember, if you have any problems it's always better to let me know first as I'm not your typical dev and will try to address problems quickly and work with you.. Achievements are coming! : I plan on creating achievements for this starting tonight, to be added to the game shortly thereafter.. A mountain of fixes and 10 new profiles! Including: Island 359, Karnage Chronicles, Contagion VR: Outbreak and more! : List of changes: Fixed games taking a long time to open. Fixed being able to open Natural Locomotion while a game is already open (if the demo is disabled in settings). Fixed having to launch The Forest manually. Fixed global settings not being saved while a profile is running. Added a button to access all global settings while a profile is running. Added ability to run EXEs from NaLo, with variables for Steam libraries and Program Files. Added "DLL path" parameter for Oculus Rift users. It's used on some games to force SteamVR mode, and will be used in the future to hook the native Oculus SDK instead. Fixed Fallout 4 VR workshop and flashlight working at the same time. Fixed muting WMR trackpad touch (fixes GORN among others). Fixed remap function being enabled when activator is disabled. Fixed non working buttons/axes after closing app without stopping profile. Fixed driver not being installed in rare cases where cmd.exe doesn't work. Fixed app not showing UI in rare cases. Fixed controllers not being detected when they're turned on in some cases. Fixed demo in Oculus Rift not working in some configurations. Updated PAYDAY 2 to have a movement more similar to other profiles. (Change published a month ago) Updated COMPOUND instructions for WMR. Updated H3VR Vive profile to enable right trackpad touch. Updated OrbusVR Rift profile to use new DLL feature and remove obsolete instructions. Updated Pavlov VR Rift profile to use the new DLL feature. Added profiles for Apex Construct. Added profiles for Contagion VR: Outbreak (and demo). Added profiles for Crooked Waters. Added profiles for Island 359. Added profiles for Karnage Chronicles. Added profiles for VR Dungeon Knight. Added profiles for The Wizards. Added Oculus Rift profile for A-Tech Cybernetic. Added Oculus Rift profile for In Death. Added Oculus Rift profile for Kartong. There are a few games that mostly worked but couldn't make the list for various reasons. We'll try to add them in a few days! Also, remember all profiles published so far are not supported by the original game developers, only by us, so they may break or not work as expected after an update (in that case send us a message so we can fix it). Walk in place is still in development despite of a couple of setbacks last month. We'll try hard to have WIP in beta soon. As always, report any issues, suggestions or requests in the community forum .. Feet tracker support RELEASED in beta! Added 15 new profiles and many fixes. : Note: hot fixes are being released after this announcement. Look at the end to see the list. You can finally walk with your feet! We were planning this update since NaLo was released back in April. Note that the feature is still experimental so please report your experience in the forum to help us improve NaLo. Also we have improved and fixed a lot of things, and added many new profiles, listed below, including games where arm swinging didn't make sense (like shooters). Full list of changes: Walk in place with feet trackers (only in beta branch ) Walk in place using PS3 Move controllers as feet trackers (very experimental, read the instructions ). Convert extra controllers to trackers. Synchronize/calibrate different VR spaces, e.g. to use Vive wands/trackers or Knuckles with WMR or Oculus Rift. (beta only) Ability to scroll panels and lists dragging anywhere (and other UI improvements). Changed sticky grips to sticky buttons (it works with any activator button now). Basic support for Valve's Knuckles. Reliable detection of left/right side of asymmetric controllers (basically all but Vive wands). Better side (left/right) detection. Fixed SteamVR 1.1.x support (fixed almost two months ago). Fixed demo on Vive. Fixed settings not being saved on Oculus Rift. Fixed crashes with Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headsets. Make sure to update or reinstall with SteamVR closed for it to take effect. Disabled demo by default except for first launch. Added ability to open a profile automatically with a command line option. Added a couple of WMR profiles that were removed by mistake. Updated Skyrim parameters for WMR. Miscellaneous fixes. Full list of added/changed profiles: Alien: Isolation (MotherVR mod) Blade & Sorcery Chiaro and the Elixir of Life Climbey Contractors Frankenstein: Beyond the Time Pavlov VR (feet trackers are recommended) Primordian Protonwar (and Demo) Rec Room (fixed with changes in the game) STAND OUT (feet trackers are recommended) Vengeful Rites (and Demo) WAR DUST (feet trackers are recommended) Witching Tower A-Tech Cybernetic (fixed Rift profile) Onward (Vive and Rift only) (feet trackers are recommended) Robinson: The Journey (Vive and WMR only) But we're not done! Features planned for the next version: Walk in place without trackers (a.k.a. head bobbing). Better options for choosing direction with joystick. Support for a tracker or device on the hip or pocket for direction or for walk in place. Support for Switch Joycon controllers and smartphones as feet trackers or hip trackers. Improved profiles for sprint detection. Use armswing buttons as activators for walk in place. Faster direction change with trackers. Better horse mode. Sort game list by last played, or hide games you don't have. Pimax compatibility. And that's just the next version. We have many things planned! As always, send us any question or suggestion to the community forum . Happy walking! Hot fix updates: Walk in place stuck in "make sure headset and controllers are tracking" is fixed. (beta only) Saving profiles in fresh installations is fixed. Oculus Rift wasn't working for existing installations or for people that enabled the demo. Fixed. Fixed Climbey profiles and their instructions. PS3 Move support fixed. (beta only) Fixed VR space calibration progress stuck.

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