My love she's handsome, My love she's bony: She's like good whisky When it is new; But when 'tis old And growing cold It fades and dies like The mountain dew. When evening had fallen he left the house, and the first touch of the damp dark air and the noise of the door as it closed behind him made ache again his conscience, lulled by prayer and tears. Miles, before he sat down, stood a moment with his hands in his pockets and looked at the joint, on which he seemed on the point of passing some humorous judgment. There was an instant of dead silence and then the loud crack of a pandybat on the last desk. made a grimace at the raw grey sky and said: --If I am to listen to your esthetic philosophy give me at least another cigarette. "Is she HERE?" Miles panted as he caught with his sealed eyes the direction of my words. The Panama Canal will have a most important bearing upon the trade between the eastern and far western sections of our country, and will greatly increase the facilities for transportation between the eastern and the western seaboard, and may possibly revolutionize the transcontinental rates with respect to bulky merchandise. Sure you won't? His father had told him, whatever he did, never to peach on a fellow." "A horror?" "He's--God help me if I know WHAT he is!" Mrs. He sat looking at the two prints of butter on his plate but could not eat the damp bread. Indeed, it is not to be disguised that our attitude as a nation and our position on the globe render the acquisition of certain possessions not within our jurisdiction eminently important for our protection, if not in the future essential for the preservation of the rights of commerce and the peace of the world. He drew forth a phrase from his treasure and spoke it softly to himself: --A day of dappled seaborne clouds.

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