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About This Game


OCCHIO is a fast-paced puzzle platformer about facing fears, inside a lucid dream.

Explore this massive world, conquer obstacles, fight epic bosses to discover the truth behind this strange dream.


  • The difficulty curve is insane, with slippery controls and tough levels, you'll be sure to scream at your TV and throw your controller!
  • This game is much better with a controller (PlayStation or Xbox)
  • There may be an issue with ultrawide screens at the moment, depends on the monitor though, please change your resolution until the bug is fixed soon! For ultrawide monitors, you will see a black border to keep the aspect ratio, so it won't be stretched. :P


  • Challenging boss battles!
  • Slippery and challenging platforming action!
  • Tough puzzles to solve!
  • Vague but deep and meaningful story.
  • Amazing original soundtrack


  • Preston Cammarata (Acerio) - Programmer/Designer
  • Arthur Cosentino (X27) - Bug Fixes
  • Gabriel Hawk - Music

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Strategy
Acerio Games
Like A Boss LLC
Release Date: 11 Aug, 2016


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The game is beautifully simple. The developer obviously wasnt trying to satisfy a wide audience used to easy platformers, it is an indie game. Fun to play, quickly gets more difficult. However fun as soon as I started playing. It's worth the time.. Bad game. Controls are whack and you cannot choose any video options. And yes, the standard resolution is\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665. One would think that in this day and age 2D platformer is a genre hard to \u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665 up completely. Well, it turns out that it isn't true. Apparently it requires certain level of craft to not make grass look deceptively similiar to deadly spikes, or in general make decor and gameplay elements easy to distinguish while moving. Also it's not easy to NOT create invisible walls that kill you when jump too high. Or to make a pause button that doesn't drop you straight to main menu, with the option to start a new game highlighted. Or to design challenges that aren't based on the clunkiness of controls. Or to not force backtracking only to place obstacles that are easy to avoid while going one way, but annoying as hell when you're going back...

If you REALLY need more Super Meat Boy in your life and you've exhausted all other options you might give it a go - it's only 5 euro after all (or whatever it's in dollars). But other than that I don't see a reason to buy it.

PS: There's a reason why all screenshots on the store page are so low-res.. This is a fun platformer game, the style is great. It is brutally hard, but that makes it more fun once you pass a level.. I enjoyed it <3. Game has some good design and shows promise, however I cannot recommend since even basic movement is incredibly frustrating and makes basic puzzles quite difficult.

Developer I read this was your first game, you show promise just don't make it so difficult to control next time.
Played using keyboard

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