Ortus Regni Download No Survey No Password

Ortus Regni Download No Survey No Password

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A truly medieval card game, that is free to download in the modern world!

Ortus Regni is a new and novel card game inspired by the late Anglo-Saxon period of English history. The Late Anglo-Saxon era in English history is a time of warring Earls. Minor kings all, they claim whatever lands they can. They establish fiefs, cultivate powerful vassals, and fight and engage in endless political struggles. All the while, the Vikings roam not just the sea, but the land.

It is truly a Dark Age. Or is it?

This is Ortus Regni, “the birth of the kingdom.”

The ancient world is dead. The world is reborn. Anyone can become a king through politics and diplomacy – or by the blade. And it is always, in the end, by the blade. Will it be you?

Ortus Regni is a unique closed-deck, deck-design strategy card game. Players take the role of great Earls vying to control what will become England. Ortus Regni was inspired not only by Anglo-Saxon history, but also by the art of illuminated medieval manuscripts.

QUICK AND EASY DECK BUILDING: Or let the app build you one, and the save the decks you like.

TUTORIAL SYSTEM: Journey through the basics of the game.

COMPLETE CARD SET INCLUDED: no in game “currency” or card harvesting.

NOVEL STRATEGIC CARD GAME INTERFACE: Pictorial cards and a replicated tabletop experience.

Ortus Regni is based off of the premium tabletop card game of the same name. To learn more visit: http://ortusregni.com d859598525

Title: Ortus Regni
Genre: Free to Play, Indie, Strategy
Jon Sudbury Games
Jon Sudbury Games
Release Date: 21 Jun, 2016


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Really wonderful game. Clever and Elegant. It takes some effort to learn the rules (but not that much actually), bat then you have really a gem to play with. The quality of the software is also great! And it is free!! Unbeliavable!!!!. Let me first off start by saying that I only reccomend this game because I'm a history buff and I enjoy the time period and the approach to the era of the game, so those interested in that give this game a look, esepcially being free. The game is a challenging, strategy oriented card builder that takes quite a bit of wit and honestly a LOT of luck as well. You can build a custom deck to fit your playing style and to counter different AI strategies but in the end you'll very rarely get better draws then them, even with a well built custome deck. The game is geared toward the AI and its way obvious, which is understandable considering its a free game. All in all, interesting game, but the AI is garbage and almost feels like your being cheated against practically every game but if you decide to give it a try, I hope your not an impatient person or get frustrated easuly because if you are, then you'll want to break you're PC playing this one.. Ortus Regni is a nice little card game that unfortunately has not got a lot of attention.
It does not offer a huge variety of cards but the game has enough depth to keep you interested for a while.
It's more of a casual game than it is competitive one and in my opinion that is what makes it interesting, because you can sit and play it without really having to be focused and thinking ahead all the time while still having a certain depth in the gameplay.
Since it's free and it's decent i suggest you try it. It personally gave me 2 good hours of gameplay.
Overall recommended.

Update: Well i played the game some few more hours and i got to say it has much more depth than i thought it had. Again, i recommend it, especially if you are into card games.

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