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Ouroboros presents a bright, cheerful world in which something is horrifyingly wrong. The hero has a princess to save and a quest set before him, but there are unsettling signs that all this has happened before. As you play the game, you'll come to realize that the dungeons and monsters are meaningless distractions from the task of uncovering the truth.

An unorthodox RPG with time travel mechanics and the ability to manipulate events down multiple alternate paths. The combat is quick and fun - with no character levels, there's no need to grind! Instead you'll gain new strategies and techniques as you uncover deeper levels of the story and get closer to the truth at the heart of it all.


  • Meta RPG with time travel mechanics
  • No grinding whatsoever
  • Enemies are visible and avoidable
  • 5+ hours of gameplay
  • 12+ scenes, 50+ images

Title: Ouroboros
Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Sierra Lee
Sierra Lee
Release Date: 2 Nov, 2016


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Ouroboros truly is a game that leaves you wanting more for all the right reasons. The story was neatly laid out, and in typical Sierra Lee fashion has you invested in the story while pondering bigger questions asked by the characters in neat little character interactions randomly thrown in. It made me wish there we some other side stories about the characters and the world. On the game-play side of things as someone who normally just brute forces RPG games the progression system forced me to change that, but it was simple enough that I got the hang of it surprisingly quickly. My only complaint, and this is mostly a personal preference, is that in a game about repeating things indefinitely, slowly learning more and more, my favorite set of 3 events seem to be the only non repeatable moments in the game. All in all this left me wanting a sequel, or at least just a story written about what the characters did in the times before and after the story takes place.

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