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Padma AOn Prakasha | The Science of Sound 4:

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Everything is sound vibration. The world is sound. You are made of sounds in a vibrational universe. How can we tap into them? Why is this not known? Is there a system behind all frequencies, meditation music, vibration sound, vibrational frequency, sound healing vibrational healing, Energy Medicine? YES!

In this visual feast of a video backed with sound healing frequencies, Padma Aon Prakasha takes you on a journey through the awakened wisdom of the Indian Masters and the Kabbalah to discover the Fourth Mode of Sound: the Consciousness that births all other vibrations, from which all sound arises from, from which all the modes of vibration are generated in order to manifest everything in creation.

This field and wave is within you and every single being, a quantum wave moving through, creating and connecting everything in creation. This self generating, grand ground state of the universe continually renews and perpetually rebirths itself in every single moment; instantaneously communicating to everything everywhere through quantum resonance – the resonance found in all things.

The fourth mode can be accessed when one is in total resonance, or love, through your totally coherent mind-heart-nervous system flowing in quantum resonance, the same resonant vibration that is in all life-forms: known as Namaste because the same wave flows through you as it does through me. It is Para-spanda, the supreme pulse wave manifesting through and in the dynamism of living form.

From here come all other vibrations. This is the Source, the origin, which contains all frequencies. When we tune into this Sound, we tune into the essence of ourselves. Enjoy the ride!

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