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About This Game

Pixel hunter is 3D side-scroller game, designed in Voxel and 8Bit style. The game is about a hunter, whose weapons were stolen by animals. His only thought is to return them all. The main objective of the game is to go through the worlds, kill the Boss and retrieve your stolen weapons.
You’ll face different animals such as birds, amphibians, goats and fish. By the end of each level you have to fight the Boss.

Main Game Features

  • Awesome 3D Voxel and 8bit graphics
  • Perfect mix of retro and modern game styles
  • 5 worlds with various environments and unique soundtracks per each
  • Epic fights with bosses at the end of each level
  • Multiple game plays within one game (side-scroller, runner, boss fights)

Title: Pixel Hunter
Genre: Action, Adventure
Lemondo Entertainment
Lemondo Entertainment
Release Date: 18 Jul, 2014


  • OS: Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Geforce 8600 GT
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 210 MB available space


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Terrible game. There are many glitches and it destroyed my save file for no reason!. Very simplistic shooter\/platformer with colorful graphics. Not too bad.

The game will probably appeal to little kids under 8.. so retro and epic <3 love it 8/10. First impressions:

I am not recommending it because of the price. Even at this low price I don't think it's good value. But if you don't care about that you might like to give it a try for a laugh (a BIT of a laugh lol). Update: I tried playing through a bit more, I just found it hard to keep going. To be honest it is a pretty bland game. I quit when I got up to a bit were you have to jump between 2 enemies and it was impossible to avoid taking damage. I died and it was my last life after countless deaths trying to complete the same level...

Surprisingly to actually move your character and stuff it feels okay, it's fluid your character doesn't doesn't become static when you attack and that sort of thing. On first booting up the I found games sound track and short story explanation amusing. It's actually a hard to avoid some enemy projectiles because of the their unpredictability and lack of fine control over your character. I found a good tactic is to just spam your weapon before enemy even scroll onto the screen. But that's a pretty lame way to play and the weapon noise would annoying. Truthfully I only played for 10 minutes or so, so far. But I've completed the first of 5 worlds in what felt like 5 minutes. At that rate it would take only 25 minutes to complete this game. Even at this low price it may not be good value for money. Also the music became pretty repetitive and it seemed to only be a short loop. Obviously that can become annoying. And lastly the weapon that you unlocked after the boss fight was only different from the first weapon in that it fired a different coloured projectile. That was kind of lame lol. I like this. I bought this when this was on sale, and the game is good. I would pay 5$ for this game, butit would be better if you can play co-op.. BEST GAMe 10/10. A game where you kill enemies, do boss fights, and keep dying.

Not really the best, but good enough.. SUCH GOOD HUNT. Nope nope nope :c. ing stupid game
♥♥♥♥ing jump &shoot

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