Planetes Torrent Download [Xforce Keygen]

Planetes Torrent Download [Xforce Keygen]

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About This Game

In Planetes your aim is to survive, create and explore.

You will need to harvest resources, in order to construct bases, spacecraft, and items. Protect yourself from other players by creating better spacecraft or a stronger base. Explore space, finding asteroids and planets to land on.

If you travel through space you can find planets with simulated gravity and atmosphere. You can land on these planets, or crash land if your ship is not powerful enough. When you arrive you can find resources to harvest and area to build bases.

Before you can travel through space you will need to build a ship. If you don't like building in games, you won't have to do much to have a functional spacecraft. If you do like building, you will find a building system with 6 categories of spaceship components each with many different and unique parts offering many options for you to build your ship with.

Other players are dangerous, but you can also create alliances with them.

Follow Planetes development on the development discord. d859598525

Title: Planetes
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie, RPG, Strategy, Early Access
New Orbit Games
New Orbit Games
Release Date: 28 Aug, 2018


game wont go into offline or online servers, and no one plays the game. absolute waste of money.. the game appears to be buggy, when i launched it in offline play, the option to spawn was unavailable, and couldnt use any of the controls either. a absolute waste of money, the updates are very slow to come out and this cash grab will probably stay in early access forever.. a absolute waste of money, the updates are very slow to come out and this cash grab will probably stay in early access forever.. I only played online ......if i could connect....and only the EU server was up, Im in the southern hemisphere so my ping was very high
Very buggy, no ones playing,there are people logged in but they're not moving or talking
Not worth the price this early
Needs alot of work before its worth playing again

Update Alpha 0.016 Spooky October:

This Update wipes the servers!
This Update has Spooky Content.

Spooky Additions:

  • Batwing 2X6 Solar Panel.
  • Batwing Low Profile Solar Panel.
  • Dragon Skull Ion Engine 2X2.
  • Pumpkin Inert Gas Fuel Tank.
  • Tri Skull Ion RCS.

  • Players now drop all items on death.
  • Added healing while standing in Spawn Bay.
  • Added effect for when a part separates from the construct it was previously attached to.
  • Added support for non admin console commands.
  • Added "KillMe" console command. (Can be used by anyone).
  • It now costs resources to repair parts. (It is cheaper to repair then to build new)
  • Added Battery Resource and Capacitor Resource items.
  • Added confirmations for deleting ships and game saves.
  • You can now combine resource stacks and swap stacks by dragging to each other.
  • You can now split resource stacks using middle mouse button while dragging.
  • Added discord user names to bug reports.

  • Update rules for dropping items. (Items will be dropped with 0 velocity when carrier's velocity is below 25 otherwise item inherits velocity of carrier)
  • Different resources now have different allowed max sizes.
  • Improved logic for adding resources to a player.
  • Increased angle of offset from desired direction that a thruster will fire at.
  • Improved code for refueling and repairing.
  • Save/Load game option only shown in offline games now.

  • Fixed bug where weapon would shoot for a moment after being destroyed.
  • Fixed bug where weapon would stay firing after player controlling ship had died.
  • Fix for bug where player would be immobile if their cockpit was destroyed.
  • Fix for null reference (newCCRB) on save load.
  • Fixed issue with thrusters not firing correctly in all directions.
  • Fixed various text bugs on tooltips.
  • Fix for parts not darkening when taking damage.
  • Fix for using too many resources when refueling.
  • Fix for not dropping resource items when value reached 0.

Help find bugs! Please click the report bug button in the top left of the screen if you encounter any issues or bugs. You can also use this feature to request new additions to the game, or if you just want to send a friendly note to the devs!. Update Alpha 0.015:

This Update wipes the servers!

  • Added notifications for when trying to fuel a tank without the correct resources and for when it is full.
  • Discord Rich presence! Planetes Development Discord
  • Console command to set velocity soft cap.
  • Added notifications for picking up items.

  • Lowered fuel and energy cost for Ion thrusters.
  • World building changes, added additional asteroids in the inner belt. Visuals changes to Blue planet. Added more Fissile material nodes.

  • Fix for feet being weird when exiting a seat while moving fast.
  • Fix for save/load menu scrolling.
  • Fix for zooming while trying to scroll save/load menu.
  • Fix for mouse cursor being lagged while moving. (Additional improvements planned)

Help find bugs! Please click the report bug button in the top left of the screen if you encounter any issues or bugs. You can also use this feature to request new additions to the game, or if you just want to send a friendly note to the devs!. Update Alpha 0.020 Major Fixes/Stability Improvements:

Join the community on our Discord[]!

This patch addresses many outstanding bugs and issues and should improve overall stability.

  • Printsettings command added for console, which reads out all server settings.

  • Players are no longer removed from the game when their owner leaves the game. (Be sure to protect your character!)
  • Adjustments to loot table.
  • Redone code for loot table logic.
  • Updated Discord plugin on for Linux OS.
  • Updated network code.
  • Removed holiday themed items.
  • Changed game settings to block odd screen resolutions.
  • Added timestamps for player logs.
  • Maglock connections are now saved and remade when the server saves or loads.

  • Fixed an issue with loading saved games where:
    • Players and items would have a velocity of 0 when loaded from a save game.
    • Physics objects would be loaded and activated in series rather than simultaneously causing a spaghettification of positions across all objects.
  • Fixed an issue where planet gravity would fail if an object within the sphere of influence was marked as not being simulated.
  • Fixed an issue where players could move their character or open the map when using certain menus.
  • Fixed bug where player could take Gee force damage when loading into game or teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue where planet 3 had it's visuals in a separate location than it's physics.
  • Fix for camera panning not freezing while using menus.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would tell the player "resource storage full" on parts that did not have a resource storage.
  • Fixed a bug where the game did not inform the player what resources they were transferring and the quantities, while filling a resource storage.
  • General fixes for Discord plugin.
  • Fix for keeping health bars at the correct length regardless of max health value.

Help find bugs! Please click the report bug button in the top left of the screen if you encounter any issues or bugs. You can also use this feature to request new additions to the game, or if you just want to send a friendly note to the devs!. Version 0.0011:
  • Added Mac and Linux builds to steam, please test these if you can!
  • Basic ship stats for part count, mass, etc place din save file now.
  • Resource nodes to world.
  • New spawn locations.
  • Resource cost for all parts.

  • Build menu is now set to stay open while building.
  • Updated Unity3D and Forge Networking solution.
  • Deconstructing a part with the PolyTool now rewards 90% of the resource building cost.
  • Sound pass.
  • Building Collider pass.
  • Fuel tanks set to passively gain fuel overtime, until fuel harvesting is added.

  • Resource nodes now properly networked on clients. ( a result of the Forge update)
  • Various performance improvements.
. Alpha Update 0.011:
  • Persistent inventory.
  • New Part: Side mount ship cannon.
  • The small bridge can no longer be entered through it's walls.
  • The cockpit is now easier to enter from all directions.
  • Improved names and tooltips on parts.
  • Reduced fuel burn amounts on all chemical thrusters.
  • Increased timer for removing unused parts/items from the game.
  • Barrel rotations on gimballed weapons/turrets now updates on the client.
  • Damage overlay now works on clients.
  • Client should no longer freeze when disconnecting from a server.
  • Fix for players damaging themselves by quickly changing direction while sprinting.

Help find bugs! Please click the report bug button in the top left of the screen if you encounter any issues or bugs. You can also use this feature to request new additions to the game, or if you just want to send a friendly note to the devs!. Build Version 0.00112:
  • System Map, open using "M" With map open, click and drag to move the map, "C" to center back on your character's position. Scroll wheel to zoom.
  • New art for Light metal, carbon, fiber, fissile material and ice resource nodes.
  • Ship part limit.
  • Indicator for new chat messages.
  • Chat auto complete.
  • Chat player joins/disconnects.
  • Server bans.
  • Battery 3X3.
  • Major world building.
  • Collider and Render layer pass.
  • Chat opens when you press Enter.
  • Fixed backwards build nodes.
  • Fixes for server chat.
. Roadmap for remainder of Q3 2018:
All content in this post is subject to change and should only be viewed as a rough idea of upcoming features/content. Items are listed in no particular order.

Additionally this quarterly roadmap represents an overestimation of what we will be able to complete by the end of the quarter, so naturally there will be many items listed that will not be completed by the end of the quarter.

What we want to complete by end of Q3 2018

  • Tutorial covering the main features in game.
    The tutorial is currently a basic framework. The tutorial is meant to cover all primary areas of the game. Tutorial is meant to update based on actions the player completes.
  • Ship UI.
    The ship user interface will display key information to the player such as fuel quantities, mass, part count, etc. The ship UI will also have a separate hotbar which can socket the different weapons and functions on the ship. The ship UI should also have a tab menu system allowing the player to access deeper functions gathered from parts on the ship, such as radar and automatic weapon targeting.
  • Community/Local Hosted Servers.
    Players should be able to host their own games using their local machine or a dedicated server. Players should be able to control whether their hosted games are private, password protected and have access to additional server settings.
  • Persistent Inventory.
    The player’s inventory should persist through logging in and out of a server. The player’s inventory should persist through server restarts.
  • Resources as items ingame.
    Resources are currently stored in containers on the character. Resources need to be in game items like weapons and tools which can be added to the inventory and put down into the game world.
  • Ability to target weapons better.
    Currently weapons fire from the weapon towards the cursor. This setup functions but can be better. Weapons should be changed to prioritize hitting objects/terrain under at the cursor’s position.
  • Ability to secure/protect your ships/bases.
    Pin Codes were added for doors, these need to be added to other functional parts on a ship including the cockpit. When a pin code is set on a cockpit and the cockpit is locked, only players with access will be able to use their PolyTool to place, repair, or deconstruct parts on that ship. Additionally without pin code access you cannot use any function on a part that is locked.
  • Supply Drop / Pod crash events.
    These events should occur periodically where a supply drop or pod will crash on asteroids or planets. The supply drop / pod can be looted for gear and resources.
  • Basic AI.
    First iteration of AI, providing some PvE experiences for players as well as providing a peacekeeping system near spawn locations.
  • Consumables.
    There is currently no way to heal your character or recharge your suit energy/fuel levels. Consumable items will be added that can be crafted to serve this purpose.
  • Refueling of resource containers.
    Resource containers currently have a passive recharge rate, this needs to be removed and a method for players to refuel their resource containers added.
  • Crewed and uncrewed turrets.
    Manned turrets that can be entered and controlled by players along with auto turrets (primarily point defense cannons).
  • Crafting of items.
    Crafting of weapons / gear / consumables is a priority feature. Players should be able to craft their gear rather than hunting for it in the world.
  • New Parts
  • Spawn bay.
  • Ion RCS.
  • Two seat Bridge.
  • Point Defence Cannon Turret (Auto).
  • Laser System Turret (Manned)
  • Side Mount Cannon.
  • 1X4 Solar Panel.
  • 2X2 Angle Girder/Panel.
. Update Alpha 0.013:

- With this patch we have upgraded our servers to much better hardware. Hopefully this will solve a lot of the lag and performance issues players have experienced.
  • Added inspector highlights for seats and cockpits.
  • New Part: Spawn Bay, use this to place a spawn location on your ship.
  • New Part: Cargo Container, can be used for storing a number of items.
  • New Part: Two seat Bridge.
  • New Part: Ion RCS.
  • Console command, Teleport to coords.
  • Server settings are now saved.
  • Center of mass indicator. Red and black circle will update to the center of mass of the ship when parts are added and removed.
  • Added additional stats to generator and solar panel parts.
  • Added resource container status bars to the UI while controlling a construct.
  • Added authorized user list to constructs. To add yourself to your constructs authorized users, set a pincode on any part that uses them. This will allow you to deconstruct with the poly tool at the maximum rate.

  • Improved rules for inspecting highlighter.
  • Updated how visibility under roofs is calculated (should improve performance)
  • Improved how player impact/Geeforce damage is calculated.
  • Improvements to damage overlay.
  • Increased master server refresh rate.
  • Reequip item when closing inventory.
  • Lowered update rates where possible for additional performance improvements.
  • Various Art Updates to parts.
  • Lowered velocity softcap.
  • Updated Console UI.
  • Improved GiveInfiniteResources Command.

  • Fix for cockpit glass not staying transparent.
  • Empty resource items are now removed automatically.
  • Fix for chat autocomplete staying open when chat was minimized.
  • Fix for avatar not always sitting in correct seat position.
  • Fix for ship mass being wrong when ships split in certain situations.
  • Server now forces a ship update if the network position and the client position are too far out of sync.

Help find bugs! Please click the report bug button in the top left of the screen if you encounter any issues or bugs. You can also use this feature to request new additions to the game, or if you just want to send a friendly note to the devs!

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