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Project Root Steam Keygen Free Download

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About This Game

Prometheus Corporation is the leader in the generation and distribution of energy to all cities in the world. Due to the ideas and designs of charismatic president Demetrio Watts, the corporation developed new technologies producing higher quantities of energy at a lower cost, granting them near-absolute control of the market.

The friendly policies enforced by Prometheus and Demetrio Watts has made citizens confident they will have access to electricity in their houses every day. However, very few of them are aware of what's behind Demetrio Watts' smile or behind the scenes in Prometheus Corporation. Secret plans. Terrible plans. Plans which will take the population by surprise. When they realize what is going on, it will already be too late.

A group of rebels are the only ones who know Demetrio and his company's true intentions, and will do everything it takes to bring the truth to light about the person who pretends to be their eternal benefactor. It will not be easy or agreeable, but the danger behind what Prometheus hides within is a threat to all. Stopping Demetrio Watts is in the hands of a group of unknowns. Depends on Arcturus. 7ad7b8b382

Title: Project Root
Genre: Action, Indie
Reverb Triple XP
Release Date: 1 May, 2014


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If you're looking for a SHMUP fix, do not, I repeat, do not buy this game.

Sluggish controls. Your ship has been smoking too much pot, apparently.
Bad sound design. Seriosly, most enemies explode with a sound of a Very Angry Balloon Popping.
Bad level design. Everything looks very same-y.
Bad weapons design. You're stuck with the same guns for the duration of the game.

And don't get me started about the excuse of a storyline, not to mention dialogues (and fonts! and text formatting!).

Bottom line? Even at a bargain price - don't buy it.. Project Root has a very good pace. Feels like old school games with an easier difficulty level (still could be hard for today standards) and a very responsive control. I do not agree with the comments about rear shots are not predictable. Just keep playing a while. When you get enough practice you can avoid any bullet. Just 45 minutes of practice when posting this. This is not a hardcore game from my perspective, but it may require some training if you are not shooter veteran. DIFFICULTY SPOILER: Go direct for the objectives to avoid losing unnecessary health.. I wanted to like this. I tried. But I got bored, fast. I guess it's fine as a pick up and play game, but if you're looking for a game to draw you in and keep your attention fixed then you should look elsewhere.

The good:
Decent graphics
Explosions themselves look alright

The bad:
Repetitive gameplay
Repetitive graphics
Little enemy variation
Little or no damage indications on enemy ships
Explosion animations overlay the enemy ship sprites in a very obvious way
Character artwork is pretty poor
Music is pretty bad, and repetitive
Only 5 missions, although I didn't even feel like playing them all
Achievements don't register on Steam
Is there a plot?

All in all, this game isn't that fun. However, if you want something super simple and mindless to mop up some spare time with and like this kind of shmup then you might consider buying this. On sale.. From what I have played so far, this is a pretty good game. The music isn't too repetative like a lot of other games with a similar feel to this and the combat is a good mix of challenging and well-thought out. Maps are large and take time if you intend to do all of the side stuff, but that's not a bad thing.

If I had one complaint with it, it would be the artwork. All the 3d models and sprites for the game are relatively done well, but when it comes time for the comic-like cutscenes between missions, I cringe, specifically because of the faces. The bodies and mechanics around the characters are pretty well-drawn, but those faces just...I don't really have words for it...

Despite this singular drawback, the game is well done and an enjoyable experience otherwise, Definitely worth checking out.. Intense. A lot of fun if you like top down shooters. The 360 degree twist on the old genre is awesome. Oh and your not going to beat this in a couple of hours either. I'm certainly getting my monies worth.

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