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The Reptilian Rebellion has just started. Wait, don’t you know what reptilians are? There are thousands of these green lizard-men living amongst us, human beings, but now 5d3b920ae0

Title: Reptilian Rebellion
Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Herrero Games
Herrero Games
Release Date: 8 Aug, 2016


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • OS: Windows 7 64 bit
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo


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A good start for an indie dev studio.. I was not impressed with this game. I will admit I didn't spend much time playing this game because I didn't think it was fun. You can only move vertically; I don't know if you "gain" the ability to move around freely later on, but for what I played, you can only move up and down. This made it feel like a sideways "Space Invaders" with enemies on both sides of you. That was OK back in the '80s, but I don't enjoy this game.. This game defines boredom. Buy it if you are looking for a strong soporific.. Reptilian Rebellion is a pretty straight forward shoot 'em up. You pick a character based on your playstyle and attempt to thwart a New World Order - or a bunch of reptiles attempting to take over. You're limited to moving up and down in the center of the screen, shooting attackers from either side. As you progress, the enemies become more difficult and develop different characteristics - such as shields, shooting back, or becoming faster. Kill enough and you may just end up on the leaderboard! Your kills are also carried over in a total reptiles killed counter that goes towards unlocking other characters to use. Overall the game is pretty fun for what it is and the low price. I definitely recommend checking it out and having a bit of fun with it. The only complaint I really have is using the Z key to shoot while using WASD or arrow keys to move. It feels a bit awkard but isn't a terribly major issue. I wish I just had a few more lives. I really like this game. But it gets hard quick. Always running out of ammo when things get crazy. I do hate the chemical attack plane. I always fall back on this game for some reason when I'm bored.. What little I played is enough for a life time. It's more a cell-phone when you're in a desperately boring situation type game more than anything. You can't move forward or back, lizards come from left and right and you pick up ammo when you're out. It's basically a space-invaders clone. The graphics and the way the camera moves in a wave-like fashion literally makes me physically ill, it was 49c though so I mean try it but don't expect anything from it. Unless you're me and get motion sickness, agh my head is killing me as I write this.. This is a very fun game that brings back the play style of tough-as-nails arcade games of the 1980's. It's fun to play it over and over again to try for a high score on the leader boards.. I think this game is worth its price. It's nothing amazing. Just a simple shoot 'em all type game. Basically you stadn in the middle with a character which you selected and you move up and down and shoot the people moving towards you. Some of them have shields and guns so you have to be careful which way you move. Also there are powerups that spawn on the top of the map or the bottom which will enhance your powers. This game is definately worth the price but it's not a game that I would invest a lot of time in. I think it'd be more suited to mobile.. if i were a USSR spy and i wanted to get information from someone through torture, i would force them to play this game. Games like these are the primary reason why people today get clinically depressed, merely because of it's existance.

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